AVG antivirus provides its user VPN service that is Virtual Private Network which can protect any public or private Wi-Fi network. This VPN service keeps your information hidden and protected from hackers. It also encrypts your sending and receiving data and it also hide the addresses of the user to maintain your privacy online. With this service, you can even access any content from all over the world. You can enjoy this service by installing AVG antivirus in your device through avg.com/retail. AVG VPN can work up to on 5 devices and compatible with Window OS, Mac, Computer and Android Devices. It gives you 30 days money back guarantee and provide you user friendly interface. In this blog, you will read why you should choose AVG VPN.

Why AVG VPN is Best?

  1. Easy to Use: You can run AVG VPN on any device like Window OS, Mac, and Computer and on Android devices. Its interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. As the user location changes, it automatically connects to the server which provide the best connection speeds. If you need any kind of assistance, the experts are there for your help 24/7. Hence, it is very easy to use.
  2. Security and Encryption: Security is the first priority of any VPN. It provides great security when you are using your device in public Wi-Fi. It secures you from potential hacks and malware. It encrypts your network traffic and do not show your location from which you are accessing your device.
  3. Services Provided By AVG VPN: The services provided by AVG VPN are that it supports open VPN. It provide 24/7 technical support to its user. If you are not satisfied then it gives you 30 working day refund. It offers 256-bit encryption. The most important thing is it does not keep track of information. You can enjoy this service 7 days for free. It supports several operating systems. It is not very costly. It does not slow down the speed of the internet. It allows you to view Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. It can be connected up to 5 devices.
  4. Netflix and Torrenting: AVG VPN cannot be used for torrenting as it is incompatible with this activity. For using Netflix, some servers are blocked, its connection is available in very small area to view Netflix as AVG has not invested in Netflix.
  5. AVG VPN Support Quality: The services given by AVG VPN are secure and reliable. When you are using it, your servers do not go down and you can easily install your program. In case, if you have any technical issues with AVG VPN you can contact to the customer care of AVG anytime.
  6. AVG VPN Pricing: AVG VPN service was free in the past, but now this service has the premium price range as compared to other VPNs. It offers its user annual plans means you have to pay annually. If you choose two-year or three-year subscription plan, then the company will give you discount on the total price. You can try it for 30-day free.

If you still want more information about AVG VPN, then just go to the website of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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