AVG antivirus is one of the best software among all antiviruses. This antivirus secures your devices from all kind of threats like spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, malware and viruses. You can install this best software through www.avg.com/retail. It regularly scans your device so that your device do not infect with malware and viruses. It has great features which safeguard your gadget from cyber threat like Identity Theft Protection, Web Cam Protection, Web Shield Protection, Firewall Setting, etc. It is completely reliable and compatible with all your internet connected devices. It also provides great technical assistance to its customer. It is easy to use but some of the user faces AVG PC Tune Up not working error.

This error occurs because if your PC has been infected with malware, AVG files have been corrupted and also due to your AVG files have been deleted unknowingly. In this blog, you will read the solution of this error AVG PC Tune up Not Working.

Solution of this Error AVG PC Tune Up Not Working:

  1. Scan Your Computer: First, you have to turn on your PC. Then you have to navigate to the AVG Application and then just double-click on it. When the AVG user interface opens, then you have to click on ‘scan computer’. After this, you will see your computer will be scanned thoroughly. Here, you have to select the proper actions for the scanned results.
  2. Repair AVG PC Tune Up Application: First, you have to click on Start button and then you have to open the control panel in your PC. After this, you have to select ‘Programs and Features’ option from the control panel window. Here you will see the list of installed programs open up on your PC. Now you have to go to the AVG PC Tune Up program in the list. Then, you have to right-click on the program and then just select ‘repair’ option to proceed further. At the end, follow all the instruction to finish the process of repairing.
  3. Reinstall AVG PC Tune Up Software: For this, first you have to click on start button and then you have to select the control panel from the options. Now you have to select Programs and Features option from the control panel window. From the list of installed program, you have to select the AVG PC Tune Up program. Now, you have to right-click on the AVG PC Tune Up application. Then, you have to click on the ‘uninstall’ option. Here you have to follow all the prompts which display on your computer screen to finish the uninstallation process. At the end, you have to restart your PC and then again you have to install AVG PC Tune Up on your computer system from the official website of AVG i.e. avg.com/retail.

In case, if you are still facing the error then you can call the expert of AVG team. For assistance, you can visit to the site through www.avg.com/retail.