Today’s generation is totally depending upon the internet connected devices. As in this digital era, people have less time and lot of work. So, these digital devices make the work of the people easier, convenient and faster. It is very essential that you should protect your digital devices, so that your work will not be discontinued. AVG antivirus gives great protection to your devices against cyber attacks and easily install through This antivirus protects your device against malware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, phishing and viruses. It scans the data of your device on a regular basis and improves the performance. It is reliable and compatible for all the devices. It takes less space in the memory of your device but makes your device safe and secure.

Updates and Patches are Important:

Updating your software is important to your digital safety and cyber security. So, don’t forget to update your device as update comes with more security features.

  1. Software Updates do a Lot of things: Software updates repair all the security holes in your device; it helps in fixing or removing computer bugs. Security Updates add new security features and remove the outdated features. You should also update your device so that your device should have the latest version.
  2. Updates help Patch Security flaws: Hackers like the security flaws in your device.  Security flaws are security hole or weakness in your software program or in your operating system. Attackers took advantage of this security flaws and add malware in your device. Malware can be entered in your device by just visiting to the rogue website, opening a phishing email. These security holes allow the hackers to steal the data, gain control over your device and also encrypt your files. So, updates f six these security flaws.
  3. It is not all about you: When malware or viruses enters into your device, there is risk that when you chat with your family and friends, the malware enters in their device. Updating your software and system not only secure you but also secure your loved ones.
  4. Software Update helps to protect your data: Software updates helps to protect your data like your sensitive information like credit card details or bank details. If hackers steal sensitive information from your device they can use your information for committing crimes or can use to make money.
  5. Gives you latest and greatest feature: Updating your software means additional security features will protect your device. It also speeds up your device.

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