In this modern era, everybody is completely depending upon the Android Phones so it is very important for you to increase your Android Phone security. One way, through which you can protect your phone from malicious software, is to install AVG antivirus in your phone through In this blog, you will read the tips to enhance your Android Phone security.

Steps To Enhance Your Android Phone Security:

1: Before Installing App, Read all app requirements:

You should always remember that before you download an app, you must read its permission list. This will tell you, the app wants to access which parts of your device. You should always check out the privacy policy of the app like what type of data, the app want to collect and also tells you how it keeps your information, how it will stored and how much the information is secured? It also tells you what the app developer will do with the information. Because some apps sell your information to the third-party.

2: Ask, “Is the Android app reasonable?”:

When you read the app’s permission list, you should also consider the app’s requests. Just check that the app request is reasonable for the app’s purpose. Like, a game app need to access your contacts? If these types of request are there, then you must not allow this level of access to your personal information.

3: Check Apps Installed on your Android Device:

You must review the apps which are already installed on your android phone and also check the permission, requests or settings. If you want to see the permissions of the apps which are already been installed in your device then you should open your devices’ main Settings app. Then, click on Apps or Application Manager. After this, just select an app. Then, you should scroll down to “Permissions.”

4: Uninstall Unwanted Apps:

If you are not using an app, then you should uninstall it. If you clean the unwanted apps then this will keep your phone up-to-date. It will also help to avoid the unnecessary risks and it will make space on your phone.

5: Do Not Open Unsolicited Emails or Attachments:

Before you open any email, you must think twice because through phishing emails, hackers spread malware in your device. If you receive an email from a unknown sender then it is advised you not open it, because this email may be send to you by cybercriminals whose main motive is to download the malware in your phone.

6: Stay up-to-date:

If you want to keep your device safe and secure then you must update your device with the latest software updates and also the security patches. This will protect your device against security flaws as hackers always try to steal your data through new ways.

7: Install AVG Antivirus Software:

It is advised that you must install and run robust security software like AVG antivirus software to protect your Android devices against threat. This is the powerful and effective antivirus for your Android device which will protect your personal information against new and emerging cyber threats.

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The above are some of the ways which will enhance your Android Phone security. But if you want to know more about AVG, then just visit to the site of AVG through

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