AVG antivirus is the great security software which protects your data and device from external and internal threat. This can be easily install through www.avg.com/retail. But some user face AVG Error Code 27054. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution of AVG Error Code 27054.

Symptoms of AVG Error Code 27054:

The symptoms of the AVG Error Code 27054 are if there is file deletion or new file appearing, virus infection and also sudden drop in internet connection.

Causes of AVG Error Code 27054:

The causes of the AVG error code 27054 are incompatible program running at the same time, memory issue, bad graphics drivers and also because of virus infection.

Method To Resolve AVG Error Code 27054: Www.avg.com/retail

  1. Close Conflicting Program: You have to press Ctrl-Alt- Del key altogether to open Task Manager. This will show you the list of currently running programs. Now, you should navigate to the Processes tab and then stop the programs one by one after highlighting each program. Here, you should click on the End Process button. You just have to check if the error message will reoccur each time when you stop a process. When you came to know which program is causing the error, then just move to next program.
  2. Update and Reinstall Conflicting Program: By using Control Panel, for Windows 7 you should hit the Start Button, and then tap on Control panel and after this, Uninstall a program And for Windows 8, tap on the Start Button, just scroll down and then hit on More Settings option and then click Control panel and after this, Uninstall a program.
    For Windows 10, you should type Control Panel on the search box and then click on the result, then tap on Uninstall a program In the Programs and Features, you should select the problem program and then tap on Update or Uninstall. If you have chosen to update, then you should follow the procedure to complete the process, but if you chose to Uninstall, then you should uninstall and then again use the application’s installation disk just to reinstall the program.
  3. Run Disk Cleanup: First, back up your files and just free up the space on your hard drive. Then, you have to clear your cache and then reboot your computer system. After this, you should run Disk Cleanup, then open your explorer window and just right click on your main directory usually C:. At the end, you should click on Properties and then hit on Disk Cleanup.
  4. Reinstall Graphic Drivers: Here, you have to open your Device Manager, and then just locate the graphics driver. After this, you should right click the video card driver and then just click on uninstall option. At the end, restart your computer system.

The above method will help you to solve AVG Error Code 27054. If the customer need any kind of help from the technical team of AVG, then they can anytime contact to the customer care via www.avg.com/retail.