AVG antivirus is the high class security software which protects your gadgets from all kind of internet threat like malware and viruses. This software can be installed via www.avg.com/retail. Sometimes users encounter problem like AVG Error Code 0xe0010002. This error occurs because of incomplete installation or corrupt downloading of AVG antivirus. In this article, you will learn the solution of AVG Error Code 0xe0010002.

Method to Fix AVG Error Code 0xe0010002:

1. Check the Installed Version of AVG Antivirus:

First, you should check the version of AVG antivirus because if you have the version of 17.0 or later, then you have to use AVG Clear tool in order to remove AVG antivirus from your computer but if you have the earlier version, then you must use the AVG Remover tool. To find the version of the AVG, then you have to open the AVG antivirus application. Now, you need to hit on the Menu option and then choose About. At last, you must note down the version just under the Software version section.

2. Download AVG Clear or AVG Remover Tool:

You should visit to the AVG website just by using a web browser. After this, place the mouse over the Support menu and then hit on the Installation files option from the drop-down list.At this point, you should download the AVG Clear or AVG Remover tool. At last,The tool will be downloaded on your Computer system as a .exe file. For more info, hit on avg.com/retail.

3. Remove AVG through AVG Clear Tool:

You need to find and then just right-click on the downloaded AVG Clear file. After this, you should select Run as administrator option. Now, you should tap on the Yes button in the User Account Control window. If in case, it prompts then you should reboot the computer system in Safe Mode, then hit on No button. When you see the AVG Clear tool is launched, then you should choose AVG antivirus and its installation directory from the drop-down list and then just hit on Uninstall button. After AVG antivirus is uninstalled, then you should tap on the Restart button.

4. Uninstall AVG Antivirus through AVG Remover Tool:

First of all, you need to find the AVG Remover file and then run it as administrator. After this, you should hit on Yes button in the User Account Control Window. Then, hit on the Continue button which is located just under the AVG Remover icon. Now, the remover tool will scan your Computer system and it shows you AVG antivirus installed on it. Then, you should tap on the checkbox which is next to the AVG antivirus and then hit on Remove button. Here, you should hit on the Run anyway button to proceed further to finish the uninstallation process. At last, you should tap on the Restart button to restart your computer system.

The above mentioned method will help you to fix AVG Error Code 0xe0010002. But if the user need details, then go to AVG team via www.avg.com/retail.

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