Viruses and worms are two different types of malware, but both of these malware spread rapidly and cause damage to your device. Viruses basically, infect your devices by inserting their code into a program and then use your computer’s resources to copy itself, it corrupt your files, then damage the device performance and also spread to additional devices. The main difference between virus and worms are how they self-replicate, as viruses need the help of a host but the worms spread independently and don’t require any host program. So, worms do not rely on you to trigger them and they self-propagate without any human activation. Hence, worms spread very quickly over a local network. AVG team just wants its user to understand the difference between virus and worms and how they can protect themselves. And the user can easily install this security product through This software safeguards your devices from internet scams and emerging threat. In this blog, you will read the difference between virus and worms and how you can protect them from it.

Impact of Viruses and Worms:

  1. Both viruses and worms show you annoying messages or pop-ups.
  2. Your system started working slowly, it will sometime crashing or freezing, and also change the settings of your system.
  3. Both viruses and worms are designed to steal your personal information, and also lead to identity theft and financial loss.
  4. Businesses also suffer from viruses and worms, as they steal data, repair costs, and also damage the reputations.
  5. Viruses and worms can also damage the government institutions and also nuclear weapons sites.

Always keep in mind, a worm is more dangerous than a virus as it spread more quickly. It spreads in your device without notifying you or interacting with you. It detects those devices which contain the vulnerability and then worms insert itself just by exploiting that vulnerability.

Protect yourself Against Viruses and Worms:

  1. You should always be aware of email attachments which come from unknown sender, if the malicious links sent through messaging services.
  2. It is advised you should update your software timely as outdated software may contain vulnerabilities which allow worms or other malware to spread in your device. And also apply updates when it is available.
  3. You should always install apps from approved app stores. And just avoid third-party stores to install apps or files as they not safe.
  4. It is suggested that you should use an ad blocker as ads can infect or harm your device when you click them. You should install a good ad blocker to get rid of this issue.
  5. For the extra layer of protection, you should install strong AVG antivirus program which will remove the viruses and worms which harm your device.

The above method tells you how to protect themselves from virus and worms. And for help, just visit to the site of AVG via

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