Spyware is the malicious software which is designed by hackers to steal your data and sensitive information like bank details, and credit card details etc. from your computer. It gain access and damage your computer without your knowledge. They steal information for their personal use. It monitors your internet activity and also tracks your login and password information. Some spyware install the additional software in your computer and change the setting in your device.  It is very hard to identify but AVG antivirus can easily detect all kind of cyber threat and you can install this software via www.avg.com/retail.

How many types of Spyware?

There are four type of spyware are there which uses different tactics to track you.

  1. Adware: This type of spyware keeps the record of your internet history, your activity which you do on internet and anything which you download on your computer. And it display advertisement on your computer so that you click on those ads and purchase something. This slowdowns your computer.
  2. Trojans: This type of spyware pretends itself to be legitimate software. This type of spyware is used to access sensitive information from your computer like credit card details, and social security numbers.
  3. Tracking Cookies: This type of spyware keeps the records of your web activities, history and downloads just for marketing purposes.
  4. System Monitors: It captures everything what you do on your computer like it keeps the records of websites you visited, key strokes, emails chat room dialog and what type of program runs on your PC. This is also known as freeware.

How Spyware enters in your device and you can recognize it?

Spyware enters in your device if you click on the pop up ads, or if you download software from the unsecured sites, if you open the email which is send to you by unknown person, and also from pirated media like movies or music.

You can recognize it easily if your system gets slow or crashes, if the device is running out of hard drive space, and also if you get pop ups when you are offline.

How you can remove Spyware?

If you wanted to remove spyware from your device you should first install AVG antivirus in your device via www.avg.com/retail and run a scan so that it cleaned up everything. You can also download virus removal tool so that it remove all the viruses from your PC.

The precautions which you can take are don’t open emails from unknown senders, don’t download files from untrusty sites, and don’t click on pop up ads.

If you still have any doubts then you can contact to the customer care executive of AVG antivirus via avg.com/retail.