AVG is the famous antivirus which is well known for its advanced protection features. It protects you from all kind of online threat. AVG introduces updates timely, so that when hackers make new techniques of attack, AVG protect your device with these updates. You can install this antivirus via www.avg.com/retail. It quickly detects the threat and blocks those viruses by giving you alert warning. It scans your PC timely.

What is Rootkit?

This is malicious software which is designed by the hackers and hides deep inside your PC. It is very difficult to detect. This gives the ability to all the hackers so that they can remotely access your PC. Through this hackers can easily steal your sensitive data. It also disable your security software, this is the reason why it is really hard to detect. This can cause serious damage to your PC.

How you can recognize your computer is infected with Rootkit?

  1. When there is a blue screen with white text messages on your PC and your PC requires continuous reboot.
  2. If there is unusual web browser behavior likes unrecognized bookmarks etc.
  3. When your PC gets slower day by day and your device freezes constantly.
  4. When network functions improperly because of the network traffic.
  5. If there is a change in your system settings.

What are the different types of Rootkits?

  1. Hardware or Firmware Rootkits: This type of malware infects the hard drive of your computer system. It hides in the firmware and can even infect your router. Hackers use this technique to intercept the data which is written on the disk.
  2. Bootloader Rootkits: It targets the building blocks of your PC by infecting the Master Boot Record which instructs your PC that how to load Operating System.
  3. Memory Rootkit: This rootkit hides in your PC RAM and it disappears when you once reboot your computer. They perform harmful activities in the background.
  4. Application Rootkit: This type of rootkit replaces standard files of your PC into the rootkit files. This gives hackers a brilliant chance to take access of your PC and also infect the programs like in Word, Paint or Notepad etc.
  5. Kernel Mode Rootkit: It affects the core of your Operating System and changes its function. It causes frequent crashes to your system. Through this hackers add their own code and made it easy for the hackers to access your device.

How AVG.com/retail helps to protect your device from Rootkits?

You can easily protect your device from rootkits by not opening any emails which comes from the unknown sender, It is strictly prescribed that do not download any software or files which is sent to you by unknown person, Install the strong antivirus like AVG antivirus via avg.com/retail in your device. It is advised that you should be careful of drive by download, as this installs the malware automatically in your system when you visit any website.

But if you still have any kind of problem, then you can visit to the website via avg.com/retail. You are also free to call on their number any time.

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