Data encryption is the program which encodes your data so that other people cannot be able to read it. And each letter of your data is replaced by the letter and you can decrypt it, if you know the encryption system. Basically, this method is used just to protect your private information from others. You must use data encryption to safeguard your data from online threats like identity theft, hacking, and fraud. Because of this system, hackers cannot gain access to your business secrets so this protects you against ransomware, spyware and phishing attack. AVG team just wants its user to encrypt their valuable data. You can install this effective security software through In this blog, you will read how encryption protects your data.

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How Encryption used to Protect Information?

  1. HTTPS Encryption: HTTPS encryption means the URL of the website begins with https, or the browser has a little padlock icon in the address bar. It protects the internet traffic between your device and the website which you’re using. It also prevents anyone from listening or altering the data while it’s in transit. It is recommended that do not enter any sensitive data, like credit card numbers in the unsecured website whose URL starts with HTTP.  Always do website safety checks before you enter any personal information.
  2. Email encryption: Gmail and Outlook are the email platforms which encrypt all emails by default. The encryptions provided by these platforms are sufficient for the average email user. And these platforms also offer upgraded encryption with premium accounts.
  3. Secure Messaging Apps: Most of the messaging apps provide data encryption to protect their users from online threat like malware and viruses. These apps provide end-to-end encryption in which the data is encrypted from the sender to the receiver.
  4. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin secure their users by encrypting the transactions. And it stores them in a shared historical record which is known as the “blockchain.”
  5. VPN: VPN is the perfect solution for data encryption. You can also download a VPN on your mobile phone for encryption system. In case, you are using the public Wi-Fi network, then you must open your device through VPN which keeps your data safe and secure.

How You Can Encrypt Your PC?

  1. File Encryption: If you want to protect a few sensitive files then you should do file encryption. This method will encrypt your individual files, where you don’t want to encrypt too much. This will safeguard your personal information.
  2. Full Disk Encryption (FDE): Instead of encrypting file to file, you can encrypt your entire computer with FDE or whole-disk encryption. For more security, you can use both together like if someone gets through your FDE, then also they cannot be able to access your encrypted files.
  3. Network Layer Encryption: This method helps to protect your data while it is in transit. This will encrypt all the traffic which is coming to and from your PC. Using VPN and HTTPS provides you the network layer encryption.

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