Earlier people used to go for airline travel, big family dinners, cocktail hours etc. with their friends. But now this year is a challenging one for all of us. All the things have suddenly changed like way of working in offices, online classes for students; people interact with each other through social media, online shopping and maximum work done through internet. So, AVG team wants their users to take extra steps to keep your digital life secure and safe in this pandemic. AVG antivirus is the great security software which protects the user device from all kind of cyber threat and can easily install through www.avg.com/retail. In this blog, you will read about the steps you can take to keep your digital life secure.

Steps to Keep Your Digital Life Secure: avg.com/retail

  1. Check Increase in Scam in Emails and Websites: During this period, you must have seen that there is increase in promotional websites and emails which pretend to be legitimate and comes to you from unknown sources. So, it is highly recommended that you should not click on any link provided in this email. In case, you want more information than just go to the official website of this product instead of clicking on any link.
    You must get free gift cards offers; remember this is just the way to trick you to steal your valuable information and your identity. You must seeing some e-commerce sites show so much discounts on their product, if in case, they cost less than 10% on retail price then may be it is fake.
  2. Check the Organization Before Giving Charity: It is advised that you must check the organization is trusted or not before giving any charity. Because in this pandemic, people are giving charity to help the poor. So, you should visit to the trusted organizations, and learn more about the charities which you’ve chosen and check their efficiency, governance and accountability before giving money. And beware of the organization which require immediate donation. And it is advised that you should use a credit card because through this, it becomes easier to track and also to recover from fraudulent transactions.
  3. Adopt Good Online Habits: You should adopt good online habits which is the best defense against threat and it keep yourself and your family safe. You should use strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts and it is advised that don’t share it with anybody. You can also use passphrases. You must install AVG antivirus protection on all your devices through www.avg.com/retail and remember to keep it up to date. You should use a secure cloud backup. When you connect to the internet, you must use VPN, to hide your IP address and also to encrypt your information.  Always keep your device operating systems up to date so that it can fight with the emerging threat.

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These are some of the extra steps which you can take to secure your digital life in this pandemic. For more details about AVG product, just go to the site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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