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Sometimes you might have noticed that when you are browsing online some pop-up ads appear on your computer screen. These ads inform you that your computer is infected with viruses. These ads insist you to buy the antivirus software which will remove viruses from your computer. But this antivirus is the fake antivirus and hacker is selling this to you just to gain access over your valuable information. Not only they will gain information from your computer but also they will install malware in your device. AVG antivirus just wants you to be alert and do not purchase this fake antivirus. You can install this antivirus through www.avg.com/retail.

Scareware on a Digital Binary Warning Abstract

Warning Signs Of Scareware:

  1. Urgent Popup Ads: Hackers through these ads want to frighten you so that you purchase this fake antivirus. The text in these popup ads gives you warning that your computer is infected with lots of viruses which can damage your data and device. These are the clear signs of Scareware.
  2. The Ads wants you To Act Fast: These popup ads wants you to install this malware quickly in your computer system as they do not want you to think twice before purchasing these fake antivirus. If this popup ads demand you to purchase their product immediately this means that this is Scareware.
  3. The popup ads are hard to Close: These ads were display on your computer screen for long time. If the ad is not closing by clicking the X button or more ads appear on your screen this means that this is a scareware.
  4. Never Heard Of Software Company: If you have never heard of the antivirus software then this is a clear sign that it is a scam. Before purchasing you can search the name of this software company but in case you did not find much then this is a scam.
  5. Immediately Scan your Computer: To prove that their software is the best, they will start scanning your computer and show you hundreds of viruses. But the fact is scareware programs do not scan your computer and showing you the wrong results.

How you can Avoid Scareware?

You can easily avoid scareware by keeping your security software updated like AVG antivirus which you have installed through www.avg.com/retail. Also keep your browser and computer system updated. With updates you will get more protection features for your device. It is advice that keeps your popup blocker turned on.

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For more details, you can visit to the official website of AVG antivirus through avg.com/retail. For assistance, you can call on their toll free number.

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