As you all know that, hackers always want to steal the personal information of the user. With the basis on the user’s information, hackers can commit crimes in user’s names without the user’s consent. Nowadays, Identity theft has becoming the fastest growing crimes over the web. Criminals basically steal your Social Security Number, bank account detail, username, password, credit card details and date of birth etc. Hence, it is very necessary that the user protect their personal information to avoid becoming the victim. AVG antivirus is the trustworthy security software which provides identity theft protection and can easily install in your device through It scans the data to remove virus or malware from your device. In this blog, you will read the warning signs of Identity Theft.

5 Warning Signs of Identity Theft:

1. If your Bank Statement Does not Look Right:

If you find the minor mistake on your bank account summary that could be a warning signs that you have become the victim of financial identity theft. It is advised that you should check your accounts regularly online and if you find there are any unfamiliar withdrawals or charges then you should immediately contact your bank. If somebody has accessed your bank account, then you should quickly close that account and open a new account.

2. Suspicious Activity on Credit Card:

If you find there is a suspicious activity on your credit card statement, then this is the warning sign that you have become the victim of Identity theft. If somebody has stolen your credit card number and make purchases in your name, then you should immediately contact to the card issuer and ask them to close the account and also issue you a new card.

3. Receive Unfamiliar Bills:

If your bills are missing, then it might be possible that identity thieves had changed your mailing address; this is a warning sign of identity theft. Hackers can steal information from your mail and can open new accounts in your name. If criminals had make credit cards in your name, then they will make purchases in your name. In this situation, you will receive unfamiliar bills. This is a clear warning sign of ID theft. Hence, it is important that you keep the track of all the bills and bank accounts.

4. Receive Calls from Debt Collector:

If you are receiving calls from creditors about unpaid bills which you do not recognize, then it might be possible that somebody has use your name and personal information. In this situation, you must check your credit report for unfamiliar charges, if you find you become the victim then you must report to the agencies or contact to the service provider and ask them to close your account immediately.

5. If your Medical claim is Denied:

If your medical claim is rejected or you receive a medical bill for the service which you have not received then this is also a clear sign of identity theft. It is possible that Identity thieves has used your personal information and use the benefits of your medical claim.

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The above are some of the warning signs of Identity theft. If the user need more information, then you can contact to the customer care of AVG team via