Today, many companies have moved from wired networks to wireless networks. But wired networks are more secure than wireless networks and because of the user’s poor implementation it creates vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi network. Hackers take advantage of this carelessness and exploit the user’s data and device. So, it is advised the user must install AVG antivirus in their devices through for the security of their valuable data. In this blog, you will read the types of Wireless Network Attack and its preventive measures.

Types Of Wireless Network Attacks:

1. Fake Wi-Fi Access Points and Evil Twins:

Usually, if the user is on public place like hotel, malls or coffee shops etc. connect to the free Wi-Fi internet connection and just choose the Wi-Fi access point based on the SSID. But they do not check that the wireless network is set up by reliable establishment for customer use. Hackers can also set up fake Wi-Fi access points, in the name of the establishment in the SSID. When customers connect to these fake Wi-Fi networks, whatever they do online can be easily monitored by hackers. The user’s sensitive information like email addresses and passwords, credit card numbers, or banking credentials, can be stolen.

In these public places, hackers create a hotspot on a smartphone and just pair it with other device. Through this they can monitor the traffic of everyone who connects to that network. With this “evil twin” all traffic is clearly visible to the hackers and they can capture your whole data.

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2. Packet Sniffing:

Public Wi-Fi hotspots which are set up in malls are unsecure and they do not provide security to your data. As a result, cybercriminals use packet sniffers to interfere the traffic which are on unencrypted Wi-Fi networks. Packet sniffing attacks are easy on older routers, like the networks which use WEP encryption. WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 provide better security.

3. Wardriving:

Wardriving is basically used to detect map vulnerable access points. In these attacks, hackers drive around a neighborhood and use their laptop with a GPS device to detect the location of your wireless networks.  This technique is used on those who have poor security controls.

4. Warshipping:

Through Warshipping attacks, hackers can remotely attack on your device, even if they are not in the range of your Wi-Fi network. They use single-board computer with 3G capabilities which runs on a cell phone. This device locally connects to your Wi-Fi network and gives your information to the hackers.

Prevent Common Wireless Network Attacks:

Usually, it is difficult to prevent Wireless Network Attacks but the user can take preventive measures like Isolate the Guest Network, you should encrypt Wi-Fi Traffic with WPA2 or WPA3, you must update the routers Firmware, create your Secure SSID, you should restrict Wi-Fi Access, secure Your Infrastructure, install AVG antivirus software and you must use a Web Filter for better security.

The above are some of the common types of wireless network attacks and the preventive measures. But if the user needs more information for installing AVG antivirus in their device, then they can visit to the AVG site via

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