What are the Safety Tips for Mobile Payment given by AVG?

We know that most of the people preferred to do online shopping. For this they download Mobile payment apps. But imagine if your mobile payment app has been compromised then all your sensitive Information can be leak, this results in loss of fortune. For this AVG team has given safety tips for Mobile Payment. You can download this through www.avg.com/retail. There are so many apps which have made to do mobile payment like Apple Pay, Pay Pal and Samsung Pay etc.

Safety Tips for Mobile Payment:

  1. You should not download Mobile Payment Apps from any unauthorized websites, as it may contain malware or spyware which can steal your sensitive data like credit card details or bank details from your device. The most reliable sites from where you can download mobile payment apps are the Google Play or Apple Store.

  2. You should first check the URL of the websites. If you are searching for the trusted sites then first check it should start with the “https”, this ensure you that the site is authorized.

  3. You should not shop when you are connected to the Public Wi-Fi. Because attackers float fake Wi-Fi to capture your sensitive information, so do not get trapped. And public Wi-Fi contains malware, so beware of becoming the victim.

  4. Do not shop from any of site which is sent to you through emails, text message or what’s app. To confirm its sender, you must type URL of that site that it is secured or not.

  5. The Password of the Payment app should be combination of upper case, lower case and special characters. You should never create the password which is easy to guess by the hackers.

  6. When you install any app, it generally ask for your permission and also ask you to hit on I agree option. People without reading it, hit on I agree button which can be dangerous. So, it is advised that first fully read the agreement before installing.

  7. Financial transaction is OTP enabled when you enter your ID and password, this is a plus point and shows that the transaction is safe.

  8. It is very necessary that you install AVG antivirus through www.avg.com/retail. As it protect you from all kind of threat like malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and also from ransomware. As it has the anti –theft website and camera trap feature for mobile phones. It scans the data of your device and ensures your device complete protection.

These are the safety measures for the mobile payment apps given by AVG antivirus. For more information, just visit to the official website of AVG via avg.com/retail.

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