AVG antivirus is the effective security software which safeguards your device from all kind of threat. You can install this effective security program through www.avg.com/retail. It regularly scans the data which is stored in your device and improves its performance. It control and manages the network traffic and generate a wall of defense between hackers and your apparatus. You can backup your data in the cloud storage online and can access it anywhere. It protects your identity from hackers and it is reliable with all the devices. It gives updates regularly to fix the bugs in your devices. In this blog, you will read how your phone gets overheated and how to protect it.

Causes of Phone Overheatingavg.com/retail

  1. Play Games for Long Periods of Time: If you are playing games on your phone for long period of time then it is natural that your phones get overheated. Some people buy a Smartphone mainly for gaming purpose. Basically, high-intensity gaming apps use your phone’s central processing cores and the graphics processing unit, which makes your phone overheated.
  2. Streaming Content: If you watch YouTube or Netflix for hours on your Android or iPhone this also overheats your device. Because streaming content load the video data and also keeps the display active for long period of time which ultimately lead to phone overheating.
  3. Impact of Your Phone Settings: Your phone’s setting has a great impact on your phone like Screen brightness, animated wallpaper, Widgets etc. You should turn off or down the screen brightness and also turn off the unnecessary settings which load on your phone’s CPU.

4. Environmental factors: If you are sitting outside in the sun or in your car with your phone in a hot day then it will overheat your device. In this case, the touch screen of your phone will not work properly and also lead battery to drain faster. Water damage also leads to phone overheating.

5. Apps which Need Updates: In case, the apps in your phone have bugs, this also causes your phone to overheat. You should always keep your apps and device up to date because updates fixes bugs and patches in your device.

 6. During and After Software updates: It is possible that your phone gets overheat during or after an update because bug in the OS which fixes through update use increased power in the moment and this results in overheating issue.

How To Protect Your Phone From Overheating?

You should use less power on your phone as this helps to preserve your phone’s battery life. You should install junk cleaning software like AVG Cleaner through www.avg.com/retail which clears out unnecessary files, identifies the apps which slow down the device, and also it improves your phone performance and also increases its battery life. It gives updates to fix the patches in your devices. It also reduces phone overheat issue.

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For more information, you can call the customer care executive of AVG antivirus through www.avg.com/retail.

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