AVG antivirus is the excellent security software which protects your device from latest threat and you can install this software through www.avg.com/retail. It runs in the background and scans your device to secure it from malware and viruses. It timely provides updates to fix the patches in your device and it is advised that you should not ignore these notifications of updates if you want to stay protected. Sometimes, users try to update AVG antivirus but faces the failure issue then, you must check that you are using a strong and proper internet connection. In this blog, you will read the causes of AVG not updating the issue.

Reason Of AVG Not Updating The Issue: Avg.com/retail

1. Malware Protection:

If in case, malware install on your computer system, then it will prevent AVG from updating itself and may be it remain undetected. So, to remove malware, you should download and install the scanner which will not interfere in your existing AVG antivirus software. If with this, malware threats are detected and removed then you should try AVG antivirus update again.

2. Software Problem:

It is possible that the problem comes with the AVG antivirus program itself. May be, previously you have canceled an update in between that is why, it interrupt with the future updates. To solve this, you should uninstall AVG antivirus completely from your computer by using the “Uninstall a program” link in the Control Panel. Then, after this you should reinstall the advanced version of AVG software from the AVG website. You should restore and replace all the core components of software and delete the temporary data cache which prevents AVG from updating. You can delete the Temporary files of AVG manually through the advanced settings menu.

3. Conflicting Program Problem:

If in case, you have installed more than one security programs in your system then it will create a problem. And also may be the firewall in your computer prevents AVG from updating. Hence, you should ensure that you are running one antivirus tool in your computer system and also AVG Antivirus should be marked as a reliable application in your firewall program.

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Features of AVG Antivirus:

1. Gives Excellent Protection:

It timely scans the data to safeguard your device from viruses and malware. It detects and blocks the threat quickly before it harms your device. It secures your DVD drives and USB drives. It gives automatic updates so that you get more protection features.

2. Web and Email Protection:

This feature stops you to click on the malicious email links or on any fake attachments which comes from unknown senders. It provides protection from unsecured Wi-Fi. First, it scans the links before you click and then give you the secure way.

3. Secures from Ransomware Attack:

AVG antivirus gives you Firewall features which create a wall of defense between your device and internet threat. It manages the network traffic so that you securely browse on the web. It gives complete protection so that nobody can access your personal data, photos, files, and passwords etc.

4. Securely Shop Online:

It helps you to shop online securely as it blocks the scams and also the malicious websites which tries to steal your personal detail for their own personal benefit.

5. Maintain Privacy:

It completely maintain your privacy by not allowing anybody to access your webcam without your permission and it also helps to encrypts and hides your personal files, photos, etc.

For more details about AVG antivirus software, just go to the official site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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