Ad- Blocker is the software which helps to block advertisements which comes on your device when you browse the web. There are many ad blocker software available in the market but there is a variation in price and effectiveness. Ad blockers are basically the browser extensions means this is the bits of code which get installed in your browser, not in your PC. It is very easy to install and it just takes few seconds to install in your browser. In case, you find any kind of difficulty in installing the Ad-Blocker then you can contact to the customer care team of AVG via In this blog, you will read the pros and cons of Ad-Blocker.

Pros Of

1. Keeps your Browsing Safer:When people browse on the internet, hackers tries to steal their search history and sell it to the dark web. And many ad companies buy your search history so that they can give ads according to your interest. Today, attackers buy advertising space in the most popular websites and load them with malicious ads which harm your computer and your valuable data. So, it becomes necessary to block online ads from showing up at all. And ad blocker will block many online ads and reduce the risk of installing malware in your device.

2.  Stops Ad Servers from Tracking You: Ad Servers gives ads to your browser and also keeps an eye on your online activity. They steal the personal information about you and your habits which you surf online and after stealing, they sell it to third parties, or they send you more targeted ads. Ad blockers stop ad servers from tracking you and keep your personal information secure & private.

3. Your Pages Load Faster: The pages of your website loads faster when the ad blocker stops the text and images which comes with every online ads. It makes your browser free to load the actual content of the site which you want to visit. You can easily read the content or see the video without any kind of distractions.

4.  Mobile Data Plan Last Longer: Ad Blocker is good for those who want their mobile browsing experience ad-free. Because it has been observed that more than half of your mobile data is chewed up by the online ads. So, if online ads do not chew your mobile data then it will save your money too.

 Cons Of Ad-Blocker:

  1. Important Features and Content disappear: Ad Blocker blocks all the useful ads which come from the flight booking engines to online shopping retailers, and also the ads from the Shopping carts, built-in customer support instant messaging apps etc. So, in this case you should select the list of websites that the ad blocker will not touch.
  2. Sell your Browsing Data to Third Parties: You know that ad blockers stop ad servers from tracking you but some ad blockers themselves sell your tracking data to third parties.  

These are some of the Pros and Cons of Ad Blocker. If you want more information, you can visit to the site of AVG via

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