AVG Driver Updater is used for scanning your computer for the outdated drivers and it also helps to install the latest versions which will keep your Computer system up to date. If in case, your system has outdated drivers then it will result in malfunctions of the hardware and crashing of the computer system can also happen. If you want to avoid these issues then you should install AVG Driver Updater through www.avg.com/retail.  When you run AVG Driver Updater, then it will analyze your computer for creating a hardware profile and can monitor the progress of the application. It not only looks for the outdated drivers but also gives you the information of the software and Windows updates. It will give you the information in a table and in pie charts; through this you will get the overview of the system’s status. It has backup and restore capabilities with which you can create the copies of driver and can easily restore them. In this blog, you will read about the features of AVG Driver updater and how to install it in your device.

Features of AVG Driver Updater:

  1. It provides application for scanning your computer system for outdated drivers.
  2. Through this, you can download and install the latest versions of drivers.
  3. It analyzes your computer system and then automatically create a hardware profile.
  4. Through this, you can easily monitor the progress of the scanning process.
  5. It provides the backup and restores capabilities.
  6. It helps to scans computer for missing, broken and out of date drivers.
  7. It helps to increase the computer’s performance by automatically downloading and installing the windows updates and driver updates.
  8. Drivers are the software which allows hardware to communicate with the operating system.

Download of AVG Driver Updater:

You can easily download AVG Driver Updater through the AVG Download Center: avg.com/download.

Activation of AVG Driver Updater:

Activation process is necessary to update all device drivers. Now, you have to click on Register Now button which is located on the bottom right side of the screen and then enter the Registration Key. After this, you should click on Activate Now. When you activate it, then the Register Now button will disappear and it is available in the Support section and then Enter Registration Key.


Online version available, which is necessary to install the product. And the Installation process itself is simple. The interaction is EULA agreement, and the rest of the installation process is automatic.

AVG Driver Updater Interface Screens:

The interface of AVG Driver Updater is divided into seven different screens that is Home screen, Scan, Results, Options, Backup, Restore, and Support.

These are the features and installation guide of AVG Driver updater. And if the user wants to know more, then they can anytime contact to the customer care of AVG Support team through www.avg.com/retail. The executives of AVG are trained and are available all the time for the user.

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