AVG antivirus is the popular antivirus which protects you, your devices and also your data. This is the only antivirus which gives total protection against all kind of cyber crimes like malware, spyware, Trojan, rootkits and also against ransomware etc. You can install this antivirus through www.avg.com/retail. It scans the data completely so that there should be no virus in your device. It quickly detects and blocks all kind the dangerous websites and immediately gives you the alert warning if it found threat. This antivirus also protect you from emerging threat as hackers keeps on making new techniques to take advantage of your data. One such example is facial recognization.

In this the hacker, take advantage from your pics or photo. The reason for collecting your photo is to tag more people in Facebook or just unlock your phone. Your photo can also be taken just to identify the suspect and you have to give your photo at that time because it is legal according to the law. But now, with the advancement in technology hackers just use you face photo and rest of the body is of another. This more dangerous than before. They take photo from social media where you have made your actual account like linkedin or Facebook profile. All your specific details are there on your account. But you can save yourself by using the Facebook setting option in which you can allow only your friends and family to see your personal videos or photos. And for more precaution, you must install AVG antivirus in your device through www.avg.com/retail.

This face-id Technology is very harmful for the common man. If someone has not done any work but his face shows that he in that pic. There the problem arises for that man. And sometimes it gave rise to police case. The person cannot be able to save themselves. You cannot be completely protecting you from such crimes but you can take some precautionary measures just to safeguard or secure yourself from emerging threat. This AVG antivirus totally protects your social media privacy and protects your sensitive data like username or password from hackers. And this antivirus has a user friendly interface and easy to use. And it blocks all the phishing emails which insist you to give your personal information.

AVG antivirus completely protects your online privacy and does not allow the hacker to access your device and steal important information from your devices and use this information for their benefit. It also provides great technical support to the user. If you are facing any kind of problem then you can call the customer care executive on their toll free number through avg.com/retail.

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