AVG antivirus is the famous antivirus which protect your internet connected devices and your precious data from cyber criminals. It safeguards your data from cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and ransomware etc. You can install this antivirus through www.avg.com/retail. This antivirus detects the threats immediately and blocks them quickly. This software always gives the alert warning when it found threat.

When the sensitive information of the organization is stolen and used by the hackers without authorization is known as Data Breach. In this blog, AVG team wants their user to be aware about the steps they should take just after the data breach.

Steps you should take After the Data Breach:

  1. Confirm the Breach and check if your information is exposed: Firstly, you should confirm that the breach actually occurred or not. If data breach occurs scammers pose you as a compromised company and use the stolen data to get more personal information of your firm. If they send you any emails then don’t fall for that emails. You should check the official website of the company and you can also call the company to confirm the breach and see what information get involved.
  2. Find What Type of Data was Stolen: First see what type of information is exposed. Replace and canceled the stolen credit card and obtain a new social security number. The hackers can obtain a lot of information from your SSN and other sensitive information than with your email or credit card account.
  3. Accept the Breach Company help: If the breached company offers help to protect you and also repair the damage. If the offer is legit then there will be no reason for you to reject it.
  4. Change your login, password and other login info: You should immediately change your all the online login information, passwords, and security questions and answers for the breached account. And if the other accounts also have the same passwords and security Q&A then change it. This is important for the victims who have stolen email accounts.
  5. File your Taxes Early: If your SSN is stolen and you want to take the precautionary measures then the best practice is to file your taxes early. By this way you can beat the fraudsters.
  6. Monitor your Account and Stay Alert: It is very important that you should watch the signs of new suspicious activity. If the SSN was stolen, hackers will wait for some time and the hacker will use this number when the victim is less suspecting.
  7. Take Action and Contact the Right People: You should take immediate action against the hackers and see which type of sensitive information is hacked like if your credit card is stolen, you should immediately action to cancel the card.

For more details, you should contact to the customer care of AVG antivirus through www.avg.com/retail.

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