Data brokers are the data providers and data suppliers who collect data by themselves or they buy it from other companies like a credit card company. They search on the internet for the user’s sensitive information. When they collect the information, then they sell it to the third party. AVG team just wants its user to aware about data brokers. And if the user wants to protect them from these brokers they must install AVG antivirus via In this blog, you will read about the data brokers and how you can protect your data from them.

Type of Data Which Data Brokers Collect:

Data brokers collect information from online and offline sources like Social media, Web history, Online and offline purchase history and also the warranty information, Credit card information and the Government records like driver’s license and motor-vehicle records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, voter-registration information, etc.

And the types of data which brokers collect and sell are Full name, Address of residence, Telephone numbers, Email addresses, Age and gender, Social security number, Data about real estate, Income, Education and Occupation.

How you can protect your personal information from data brokers?

  1. You should register with DMAchoice, which will help you to get your name off from direct marketing and telemarketing lists.
  2. To protect yourself, you should register with the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry to opt out of pre-screened offers for credit cards and for insurance products.
  3. You must register with the National Do Not Call Registry so that it protects yourself from telemarketers.
  4. For the privacy, you can pay to the private companies so that they keep your sensitive information away from data brokers. There are certain sites like DeleteMe and PrivacyDuck which will help you to keep your data private. But remember, these services are not free, you have to pay for it.
  5. You can directly contact to the data brokers and ask them to keep you out from their mining services.
  6. You can change your habits and can take measures to protect yourself from data brokers. Like you should post your personal information on social media, and it is advised don’t answer online quizzes. And do not visit risky sites which provide your valuable information to data brokers. It is suggested that you must install AVG antivirus for better protection.
  7. It is advised you should use AVG Secure VPN or virtual private network. Whenever you connect to the internet, you should use VPN, as this will mask your IP address and also encrypt your data when you surf on the internet.
  8. If in case when you surf the web, you want to remain anonymous.  Then it is advised when you connect to the Internet, you should do with the Tor browser. This browser will hide your online activity from others.

The above method will help you to protect against data brokers. If the user needs more information about the installation process of AVG, then they can contact to the customer care of AVG via

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