AVG antivirus is the great software which has amazing features for your Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. Its features are Anti-theft and Camera trap for Android Phones, Web Shield Protection, Web Cam Protection, Identity Theft Protection, Reliability, Compatibility, Firewall setting and Fast Scanning for the protection of your devices. You can install this amazing software through www.avg.com/retail. It protects your valuable data from spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, malware, viruses and also from phishing attacks. It secures your identity from hackers so that they cannot be able to steal your personal information. It scans the data quickly and immediately identifies the threat and blocks it. It also gives you alert notification when it found threat. In this blog, you will read the AVG Anti-Theft Commands for Android.

AVG Anti-Theft Commands for Android:

Anti-Theft Web Interface:

AVG Anti- Theft Web Interface is the Remote Management web interface on the AVG website. It gives several options for Android users so that they can remotely control their missing device just by sending commands to their device. The options are as follows:

Select device: If the devices are registered with the same Google email account, then through this command you can locate or select your device.

Device Name Edit: Through this you can give the device a nickname.

Shout: This command helps your device to sound an alarm so that you can locate it.

Locate:       This makes your device to send its location to the Remote Management web server so that you can locate it.

Lock: Through this you can lock the device with a password just to protect it from misuse.

Unlock: You can unlock the device by using the password. The lock screen will no longer appear on your device.

Wipe :  With this, you can wipe out all your personal data from the device and also you can format the SD card.

Remove device: Through this, you can remove the device from the list of devices which is managed by using the Remote Management web interface.

Anti-Theft password:  You can change the password for sending SMS commands to your lost device. Your mobile should be connected to the Internet.

How to activate text message (SMS) commands?

In case your device lost or stolen, then you can send text message commands to it from another phone. So that it Sound an alarm on your lost device, Locate your lost device on a map, Lock your lost device and also Wipe personal data from your lost device.

For this feature, you have to create an Anti-Theft password which is used for your text message commands. To create a password, you have to open AVG Antivirus for Android and then you have to click on the Anti-Theft tile. After this, you have to click on Anti-Theft Password. The password should be at least 4 characters in length.

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What type of text message (SMS) commands can You send?

When you create the password, from another phone, you have to create a text message just to send to your lost device. In the message, you have to type one of the commands and your Anti-Theft password.

List of commands:

To sound an alarm – AVGShout <Your password>

To locate the device – AVGlocate <Your password>

To lock the device – AVGlock <Your password>

To wipe the device – AVGWipe <Your password>

These commands will protect your phone and prevent other from using it.

If you want more information, you can visit to the official website of AVG antivirus through avg.com/retail.