AVG antivirus is the most trusted and popular antivirus for our digital devices likes Laptops, Mac, PC, and Android Phones. It protects our devices from all kind of threat like Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and online threat. It scans the data stored in our devices. It has advanced features like camera trap and anti theft. Increased use of internet make it necessary to use make it necessary to use antivirus for our devices. AVG antivirus provides 100% protection to our devices. It is light weighted and easy to install via avg.com/retail.

But for instance if you have changed the SIM card of your phone and you have enabled the Anti-Theft service on your phone then your phone will be locked. And if you want to unlock the phone then you have to enter the PIN which you have setup when enabling the Anti-Theft service. But in case you do not remember your PIN then please follow the steps:

  • Using the Previous SIM card:

You can unlock your phone, by using the Previous SIM card. First of all start your phone with the previous SIM card which you are using before. Then under the Anti-Theft setting, disable the SIM lock feature in AVG antivirus and then insert the new SIM card.

  • Unlock the Phone via Forgot PIN link:

First connect your phone to the internet through WI-FI or by the data capability of the SIM card. If you are not in range with the internet then do factory reset.

You can unlock your phone by Forgot PIN link. First on the lock screen, click the “Forgot PIN”. Then on the registered AVG My Account email address, an email will be sent to you. Then open the email and click on the PIN reset link. Then the new website will be open where you can reset your PIN. Now you can use your new PIN to unlock your Android Phone.

  • Unlock your Phone via www.avg-com-retail.com:

You have to connect your phone to the WI-FI network to the data capability of the SIM card. But if you were away from the internet then do this by Factory reset.

First go to the www.avg-com-retail.com and Login with your AVG my account, which you have made when you enable the Anti-Theft service. After this go to the unlock tab of the website and then click on Unlock to unlock the device. Wait for few minutes for the unlock of your device. Now change the PIN via www.avg-com-retail.com to secure your device. At the end, disable the device lock and Device Administrator option in the Anti –Theft setting. Do not remove your Phone from the Remote Management at avg.com/registration otherwise it will be locked.

If you can’t follow the steps properly then you contact to the customer care of AVG antivirus via www.avg.com/retail. They will assist you at any time at any place for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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