AVG antivirus is the robust software which safeguards your data from cyber scam and can install through www.avg.com/retail. In this blog, you will read the method to fix different AVG issues.

Method To Fix Different AVG Issues:

1. AVG Antivirus Stops Working:

If the user find that their device is affected with a virus or malware, then it is possible that AVG software stops working correctly. In this situation, you should try to restart your computer system and after this, you should swipe the display from the top right of the window to start booting in Safe mode. Now, you should choose Settings option and then tap on the PC Settings option and after this, select the Update & Recovery button. Then, you have to tap on the Recovery button and just choose Restart Now which is under the Advanced Startup tab. Here, when your system restarts, you need to select the Safe Mode With Networking option and then hit on the Enter button. When the loading process is finish, you need to launch the AVG software and then select the virus scan preferences. At this point, you should run a virus scan process just by clicking on the Start Scan option. At last, if there is any virus on your computer, then it will sent to the AVG software for deletion. For more info, tap on avg.com/retail.

2. AVG Antivirus Not Updating:

In this situation, you should try to update the AVG software manually. For this, you should go to the official website on your browser and after this, just select the correct version. Now, you should tap on the Update button in order to save the file on the USB or HDD drive. After this, you should open the AVG Utility window on your computer. And then select Options which is present on the top right of the AVG dialog box. Here, you should select Update from Directory in order to open the Browse for Folder screen. You need to select the appropriate folder which has AVG update file and then hit on OK button.

If you find the problem persist, then just remove the updated temp files. After this, select AVG Antivirus Installation and then select the Advanced Settings option in the menu. Now, just expand the Update section by hiting on the + button. At this point, tap on the Manage button and then select the Delete temporary update files option. At last, you have to tap on Yes option in order to delete all the temporary folders. Now, you should try to update the AVG software.

3. AVG Scanning Not Completed:

For this, first you have to find the Start button on your desktop and then select it. After this, you need to select the option Control Panel from the menu. Or you can go to Settings option and then find Control Panel in it. Now, you need to choose Add or Remove Programs option. Then, you should go through the list in order to select the AVG Protection option. Here, you should locate the Change button and then select it. At this point, you should select the Repair button and follow instructions to finish the process. Next, you should restart the system and run the application.

The above method helps to solve many AVG issues. If the customer need help, then go to the official site via www.avg.com/retail.