Today all the people have social media accounts and they access their accounts 24/7. Sharing things online becomes the trend of today’s society. But this could be pretty harmful for us, sharing each and every little thing like check in to your favorite restaurants, or sharing your anger on tweeter etc. All these things can put you in danger, which you cannot even imagine. So, AVG team wants their customer to be aware of even small things. As most of the people don’t know, the side effects of over sharing. You can install AVG through Sharing too much things, gives full detail of your personal information like your day to day activity, location check INS, or relationship updates etc.

Dangers of Oversharing:

The risks of too much oversharing online given by are as follows:

  1. Anyone can know your location: People consider its fun to post their status update and photo online. But sharing all the time can be dangerous, if it shows about your location. Sharing the pic with the location exposes the exact location where you are? This gives the hackers a chance to stalk you or anybody can track you. So, younger generation should share their location with caution.
  2. Targeted Open Search Features: Besides of this you have set a high level of restriction settings on your mobile, there could be possibility of leakage ofyour personal information. Because of sharing information like phone number, address etc exposes your identity to the theft. This could results in you will receive fake calls, phishing emails etc. Secondly, you also accept the terms and condition of social media account, in which they have told you that they can use your content to set the correct setting.
  3. Personal reputation is at stake: You can express your views and share your experience with the social followers. But posting too much photos of your can definitely harm your reputation. Like if you are on a very high profile and you shared your part photos with drink in your hands can might harm your reputation.

Tips to Stop Oversharing:

  1. You should check the Facebook privacy settings on a regular basis just to make sure that whatever you are sharing is for your friends’ eyes only.
  2. Try not to share anything which can easily locate you, like your hometown, etc.
  3. Do not accept everybody’s friend request. First check them properly and then accept their request.
  4. Don’t share about your vacations plan online before you go.
  5. Do not post about your daily routine activities.
  6. Always turn it off your location.

For more information about oversharing, you can visit to the official website through For help, you can call them on their toll free number.

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