In 2021, people are doing the maximum work online then it becomes imperative to secure your online privacy. Hence AVG team has given some tips to boost your online privacy. And it is advised for the protection of devices and data, user must install AVG antivirus via In this blog, you will read the steps to boost your online privacy in 2021.

What Steps You Should Take To Boost Online Privacy?

1. Check your Bank and Credit Card Statements:

It is very necessary that you monitor your online accounts regularly because if anyone steals your Social Security number, passwords, and banking information, then you immediately came to know and they cannot be able to cause a lot of damage like purchase things from your credit cards or take loans in your name. If in case, you notice something suspicious then you can contact your bank and credit card provider immediately. You can order for your free credit reports.

2. Use VPN:

If you wanted to be safe online, then you must use virtual private network (VPN), as this will keep you safe while surfing the web. If you visit the sites, watch videos and use public Wi-Fi then hackers cannot be able to know your IP address and it completely hides your activity online. It keeps your identity private and encrypts your network. It secures your personal information and browsing history from prying eyes.

3. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi:

There is a great risk if you are operating your online bank account or credit card portal through public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or in a hotel lobby because public Wi-Fi do not provide you complete security. And hackers can easily interfere in your online activity. If in case, you are checking your credit card balance or transferring money from your account then hackers can steal your log-in credentials. Your financial information will allow hackers to purchase from your credit card or empty the money in your bank account. Always use VPN, while accessing the web in public place to protect your online privacy.

4. Install AVG Antivirus Software:

Hackers are constantly discovering new viruses to steal your information or to damage your device. Some viruses send spam email messages, some record your keystrokes, some see the websites which you’ve visited and just hack the passwords. Hence, it is very necessary that you install AVG antivirus security software in your computers. The security software quickly blocks and detects the viruses before they infect your devices. And also you should never ignore updates notification and keep your software and device updated. Because updates helps to protect your devices against latest threat.

5. Look for Phishing Scams:

Phishing is a technique which is used by hackers, in which they send fake emails and texts pretending to be from the legitimate firm to trick the user so that they give their personal and financial information. In email, they send you a link and when you click on that link then you will be taken to a web page and this page ask you to fill the personal and financial information, like your name, Social Security number, bank account number, credit card number, or site passwords. Hence, it is advised never click on links and also do not provide your financial or personal information to anyone.

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These are some of the tips which user must follow to boost their online privacy in 2021. And if the user wants to know the installation procedure of AVG, then they should visit to the official site of AVG via

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