In this Covid period, advancements in cloud solutions and collaboration tools help a lot to the remote workers. These tools give workers the ability to work from anywhere such as home, the library, coffee shops or even the beach. This saves time, money and increases the flexibility of the workers. Hence, AVG team wants to aware their customer to stay connected and protected in this Covid period. AVG can install in your device through As you all know that remote workers access sensitive information from unsecured devices which can compromise your data and put your privacy at risk. So, it becomes imperative for remote workers to practice online safety to reduce the cybersecurity risks. In this blog, you will read how to stay protected and connected in Covid period.

Risks of Online Connectivity:

As working-from-home due to COVID-19, has completely changed the way of working.  But there is lot of risk when people access company’s information on their personal and mobile devices as these devices do not have the same protections like company-owned devices. Because of this unsecured devices, hackers can easily steal the information. Hackers can steal your vital information in video conferencing. They can also disrupt video calls through brute force attack.

Hackers attack on the employees through phishing scams which can insert malware in the employees’ device or steal your data for ransom.  So, it becomes necessary to train your employees against cyber threat.

Cybersecurity Habits When Working Remotely:

  1. Don’t Go Phishing: As Phishing is the most common methods which hackers use to target the employees to access their sensitive data. If you want to spot a phishing scam: If you receive an email, text, or phone call which ask you to take immediate action like make a payment, confirm personal information, or click on any suspicious link. The message in email is written poorly, link will not match the actual text, the company logo looks odd and also the name of the sender will not match the email domain. For more details, visit
  2. Stick to company policy and standards: When you are sharing company files, storing documents, and doing other online communications then you should use company-approved cloud applications which follow strict security standards and protect company’s sensitive information. You should also limit the amount of sensitive information shared through video conferencing platforms.
  3. Keep your personal and business devices separate: As you are working from home but you should maintain a work/life balance and you should also set boundaries between our personal and work life. You should avoid to share your company’s devices with other family members as they are not aware of the company’s security practices. It is suggested you should keep your personal accounts separate from company accounts.

To protect yourself in Covid 19, you must install AVG software in your devices via as this will secure your data from cyber threat. For more details about the installation of AVG antivirus, just visit to the official site of AVG antivirus.