AVG wants their users to be cautious of the apps which they installed from Google Play. Because when they install any app from Google Play, the message will prompt on your mobile screen about the app permission request that is, “Allow Messenger to send and view SMS messages?” in this case you have to choose – deny or allow it, the choice is entirely yours. Here you have to choose very wisely that which permissions are being requested. As this request comes only once on your computer screen but it take your permission to access your confidential data. Google Play does not ensure you enough protection so in this case you can rely on AVG antivirus for Android which protects your device if it gets stolen or lost. You can install this antivirus through www.avg.com/retail.

Normal And Dangerous Permission:

There are two types of System Permission one is Normal and other is Dangerous. A normal permission group does not pose any risk to your privacy so they are allowed by default. But Dangerous Permission Groups are given the apps the permission to access your call history, private messages, location, camera, microphone, etc. So, Android Apps will always ask your permission to access your data.

You find new apps on Google Play, and they will ask your permission before installation so you have to give the app permission wisely so that your confidential data remains confidential.

Dangerous Permission To Look Out For:

Malicious Apps will ask you multiple permissions, so any one of the permission opens the doors for the hackers to gain access over your data.

Body Sensors

Any Fitness apps want your permission to monitor your heart rate when you exercise, and also provide you health tips, etc. But A malicious app can took advantage and spy on your health.


This permits apps to read, create, edit, or delete your calendar events. But the malicious apps can spy on your personal routines, meeting times, and can also delete them from your calendar.


This permits apps to use your camera to take photos and record videos. But the malicious app gets the opportunity to turn on your camera and can also record what’s going on around you.


This permits apps to read, create, or edit your contact list, and also the list of all accounts which is used on your device. But the malicious app can steal your address book and can also target your friends and family through phishing emails etc.


This permits apps to access your exact location. But the malicious app can secretly track your location to create a profile of your daily habits, and they can also provide this information to the thieves when you’re not at home.


This permits apps to use your microphone to record audio. But  the malicious app can record what’s going on around you, your private conversations and confidential business meetings.


This permits apps to know your phone number, make and end calls, see who is calling you, read and edit your calling logs. But the malicious app can spy on your phone habits and can take advantage to make calls without your consent.


This permits apps to read, receive, and send SMS messages. The malicious app can spy on your messages, and can use your phone to spam others.


This permits apps to read and write to your internal or external storage. But the malicious app can secretly read, change, and delete your saved documents.

So, if any malicious file is stored in your device and then it becomes more capable of transferring your confidential file to another location. Hence, it becomes essential for your Android device to install AVG antivirus in your device which protect your device from malware and viruses. For technical help, you can call on their toll free number through avg.com/retail.