In the world of Internet, it is very necessary that you should know about the precautionary measures which you should take to protect your credit and debit card. As these cards contain all your sensitive information. Payment card frauds are very frequent these days, and they have all the way to dupe your hard- earned money. So, AVG antivirus team wants that nobody can steal your sensitive information for their personal use. You can install this antivirus through As this antivirus scans the data of your device and improves the performance of device. And for emerging threats it timely launches updates which have more protection patches for your device and data.

Online Precautionary Measures for Payment Card Frauds:

  1. Avoid Clicking On Unknown Links: Whenever you receive the email from unknown sender, do not click on that link because it might contain malware. If you click on that link malware will enter in your device and extract your sensitive details. You should only click on emails which you get from trusted sources.
  2. Install Security Software: It is recommended that you should install security software in your device like AVG antivirus through Because if you have the antivirus in your device, fraudsters cannot be able to steal your confidential details from your apparatus. In this way, your identity and your valuable data will be totally protected.
  3. Hide your CVV: You should make sure when you are doing online transaction just hide your CVV (card verification value) and also to avoid keystroke logging just use virtual keyboard.
  4. Visit to the Safe Website: When you are doing online shopping just shop from the reputed sites like Amazon, Flip cart etc. You can identify that site by it contains “https” protocol and also a lock symbol in the beginning of the URL box.

Offline Precautionary Measures:

  1. Never Discuss Your Financial Details: It is strictly advised that you should never discuss your financial details like CVV, PIN or password with anyone. Because don’t let fraudsters to take advantage of your sensitive details and use them for their own benefits.
  2. Review Your Financial Statement: It is advised that you should review your financial statement on a regular basis, so that you can immediately track the unauthorized transaction if something went wrong.
  3. Stay Alert At Merchant Outlet: It is advised that you should stay alert at the merchant outlet because fraudster tries to clone the card details. Shop with your card this will bring down the fraudulent activity.

If you want more details, you can visit to the official website of AVG via For your convenience you can call on their toll free number also for help and support.

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