Today, as we know that people used to work on Internet but they do not aware about the security of their online password. If you do not secure your account password, you will be at great risk. AVG antivirus gives complete protection against all kind of cyber threat. You can install this antivirus via Besides of all these security measures like facial recognition, fingerprints, there are so many other password security tips by which you can secure your password and data. There are certain tips so that hackers cannot be able to crack your password. Because if hackers reach your device, they can easily track your location, and steal your valuable information like credit card details and bank details etc.

What are the password security tips given by AVG?

It will be very essential for the Internet user to protect their online account by securing their password. Here, are some of the password security tips given by

  1. Create a long Password: One of the advanced techniques used by the hackers to crack your password is using a “brute force attack”. In this technique, hackers guess your password. So, it is advised that the password should be of 16 characters in length. And it should be consist of numbers, symbols, letter, characters, so that it could be not easily crack by the hackers. You could install effective antivirus i.e. Because it has password manager for password security.
  2. Do not use Personal Information: Your Password should not be consisting of your personal information like anniversary date, birth date, and city date etc. This password can be easily guessed by the hackers. If this password can be difficult for you to remember then you can use a phrase, capitalization, letters and random symbols to make a protected password.
  3. Don’t Share your Password: It is an advice to the entire internet user that does not share your password with any of the stranger or even with your closed ones. Sharing your password is an open invitation to all the hackers to hack your online account. So, do not share password and do not write it on the paper. Because it could be easily reach by someone.
  4. Updated Software: When your password is secured then make sure that you have the best and effective software installed in your device. And the antivirus should be updated time to time for more protection of device and data.

These are the tips which can secure your password, and protect your device and data from all kind of threat. If you have any doubt then you can contact to the customer care of AVG team for more information. You can call on their toll free number via by just visiting to its site.

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