AVG antivirus helps to protect the user’s data from all kind of internet scams and can easily install through Avg.com/retail. But some users encounters issue and face the AVG error code 2330. So, in this blog, you will read the how you can fix AVG error code 2330.

Different Ways To Fix AVG Error Code 2330: Www.avg.com/retail

1. Close Conflicting Programs: You need to open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del altogether. Through this, you can see the list of programs which are running currently. Now, visit to the Processes tab and then stop the programs one by one by clicking on each program and then hit the End Process button. Here, you should watch if the error message will reoccur each time when you stop a process. After you identify which program is causing the error, then you should reinstall the conflicting program.

2. Scan Your Computer System: You need to tap on the start option. After this, go to the search field and then type “cmd.exe” in the given space. Now, click on the Ok button. Then, just see the command prompt window appears on your computer screen. At this point, enter the “SFC/scannow” command in the window. Now, the disk clean up will clean up your computer system.

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3. Run Disk Cleanup: You need to back up your files and free up space on your hard drive. For this, you should clear your cache and then reboot your computer. Now, you should run Disk Cleanup, and then open your explorer window and just right click your main directory which is usually C: . Then, you should click on Properties and then tap on the Disk Cleanup.

4. Update Your Device Drivers: First, tap on the start option and then type in the device manager. Now, you will view the list on your computer system. Here in the list from the drop down menu, you need to choose the device manager. Then, you need to expand the categories. At this point, you need to select the option update driver. And for the graphic card, you need to expand the display adapter category. Then, click on the graphics card and just you require to select the updated driver. At the end, you need to choose the search for the driver update software.

5. Reinstall Graphic Drivers: You need to open your Device Manager, and just locate the graphics driver. Now, you need to right click on the video card driver and then just click on uninstall option. Finally, restart your computer

6. Re-install Runtime Libraries: You need to uninstall the package by visiting to the Programs and Features option. And then find the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. Now, you should click on Uninstall option which is on the top of the list and then reboot your computer. At last, you should download the latest redistributable package from Microsoft and then just install it.

If user is still facing issues in fixing the error, then they can anytime contact to the call centre of AVG via avg.com/retail.