Sometimes, the user wants to remove AVG Secure Browser from their device, then they should read the below method. For protection, if the user wants to install AVG antivirus, then visit to   

Method To Fix If Can’t Uninstall AVG Secure Browser:

1. Uninstall AVG Secure Browser from the Settings App:

First, you should ensure that no other antivirus software is running in your PC. After this, you should right-tap on the Windows Start button and then choose Applications and Features from the menu. Here, you have to tap on AVG Secure Browser and then select Uninstall option. If in case, the User Account Control dialog asks then hit on Yes option. If you find the AVG Secure Browser uninstaller appears on your screen, then tap on Uninstall button. Just wait so that the uninstaller removes AVG Secure Browser from your Computer system. If the uninstallation process completes, then tap on OK button. At last, you will view the AVG Secure Browser is uninstalled from your PC.

2. Uninstall AVG Secure Browser using Command Prompt:

For this, you need to hit on Start and then write “cmd”. Now, you should wait for the command prompt to display in the list and then right-tap on it. After this, you should choose “Run as administrator”. Then, you have to copy and paste the below command in Command Prompt window and tap on Enter key.

cd %appdata%

cd ..\local

rmdir /q /s avg\Browser

rmdir /q /s %programdata%\avg\browser

At last, the AVG Safe Browser is removed from your Control Panel through programs and features.

3. Using AVG Clear tool:

For this, you need to download the AVG Clear tool. When you download the tool, you should run it. Now, you should follow the instructions to remove the AVG software. With this tool, you can delete all files and registry entries which are connected to the AVG Secure Browser.

4. Uninstall AVG Browser from Control Panel:

In order to access the Run window, you should tap on Win key and R altogether. After this, you should write “appwiz.cpl” in the Run box and then tap on OK button. If the list of installed software displays, then look for “AVG software“ and right tap on it. Now, you have to hit on “Uninstall “option. When you find the AVG Secure Browser Setup window comes up on your screen, then tap on “Uninstall“ button. If uninstallation procedure finishes, then you should close the AVG Secure Browser Setup window.

5. Switch To Another Browser:

If the popular browsers are not error-free, then you should use the browsers which have zero issues. You can use the Opera browser which has all the necessary tools and features. In this browser, you don’t have to add extra plugins and you can download Opera in few minutes.

Through this above procedure, you can fix the issue of Can’t Uninstall AVG Secure Browser. For info about AVG, go to