If AVG is Not Working! How to Troubleshoot this Issue?


How To Resolve “If AVG Is Not Working”?

AVG antivirus is the great security program which completely safeguards your device from unauthorized access. This antivirus can be installed easily in your gadget through www.avg.com/retail. It is simple to use and quickly detects the threat before it harms your device. But sometimes this antivirus stops working. So, in this blog you will read the solution of the error if AVG is not working.

Causes of the Error “AVG Not Working”:

The causes of the error AVG Not Working are if AVG antivirus software is expired, if in case your computer system is infected with virus and if there is an Update and Settings Mismatch Issue.

Solution to Fix the Error AVG Not Working: avg.com/retail

  1. If your computer system is affected with a virus, malware or spyware then it prevent AVG antivirus from running correctly in your windows PC.
  2. You should restart your computer and then boot up into safe mode just by clicking from the top right hand side of your computer screen.
  3. After this, you should click on the Settings option, and then select PC Settings and then choose click on Update and recovery. Here, you should click on Recovery, and then under the advanced startup, you should click on Restart Now option.
  4. When your computer restarts, then you should select Safe Mode With Networking and then press Enter key by using your keyboard.
  5. Now, you have to launch AVG, when Windows has done the loading and here you have to select your virus scan preferences. Just to run a virus scan, you should click on Start Scan option. In case, there is any infections present in your computer system then it will be sent to your AVG’s Virus Vault for quarantine or for deletion. When the Scan process complete, you should restart your computer system and then just boot into Windows.

2. If AVG Antivirus is Not Active:

If AVG Antivirus Firewall and other Components of this antivirus turned off or disable or they turn Red this means there is the issue with the Antivirus. To solve this issue, you should close AVG antivirus and then just restart your computer system. Now, you have to launch AVG antivirus and then update the latest version of AVG software. After this, you should close the AVG and then just Restart your computer system. Then you should check your security tool starts working or not.

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3. Troubleshoot AVG Protection:

For this, you should Uninstall the AVG antivirus and all other Components of AVG from your computer system. Now you should download AVG Removal Tool and then you have to Install and Run this Tool. After this, you should select your AVG Product and just remove it from your computer system. This procedure will take 10 to 15 minutes and the AVG antivirus and its Components will be removed. Now, you should restart your Computer system when AVG is removed from your device. Again try to download and install your AVG Antivirus in your Computer system. Now, check your AVG antivirus works again in your device.

The above procedure will help you to solve AVG not working issue in your device. In case, the user need any sort of help then they should contact to the AVG team anytime via www.avg.com/retail.