Today, people cannot survive without internet. As in this digital era, all the things are connected to the internet like if you wanted to do video call to your friend or relative, internet is necessary similarly if you wanted operate your official work on your Android phone then also you have to make use of internet. Hence, today life becomes impossible without internet. When you are at the public place and your mobile data finishes and you have to use internet, at that time you make use of Public Wi-Fi. But using Public Wi-Fi is not safe for your device and your valuable data. As this public Wi-Fi are not password protected. So, AVG teams wants you to aware you about the public Wi-Fi and how you can protect your personal data by using Public Wi-Fi with VPN network. You can install this antivirus through

Public Wi-Fi networks are the main targets for hackers. But if the free internet provider is not giving you the surety of the safe internet then you must use VPN network. A VPN is the secure methods which totally protect your devices and data. It encrypts your sending and receiving data, so while using your public Wi-Fi your device and data are totally safe. If there is a lack of security on public Wi-Fi, then hacker can steal your personal information like your email login, your bank login, your personal photos and videos and also your home address. VPN on public Wi-Fi gives shields to all your valuable data from prying eyes and also they cannot be able to see your network traffic.

The main way to prevent any hackers from stealing your personal information on public Wi-Fi is to educate yourself. You should disable the automatic connections so that your device automatically does not connect to the public Wi-Fi when you go out because connecting automatically can install malware in your device. It is strictly advised don’t carelessly connect to any public Wi-Fi without asking that the Wi-Fi is secured or not. If you are using Public Wi-Fi then don’t log into any sensitive accounts like bank details or any other financial detail etc. because this information could be hacked by the hackers. You should also turn off file sharing and you must check your firewall setting on public Wi-Fi. And also make sure that your AVG antivirus software is also active. The most important thing while using Public Wi-Fi is you must open your device through VPN network as this encrypts your data completely.

These ways protect the hackers to steal your data and for more details you can go to the official site of AVG via For assistance you can call the customer care executive.

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