AVG antivirus is the strong antivirus which gives full protection to your device like laptop, Mac, Computer, Operating System and Android Phones etc. This antivirus does not allow hackers to gain access over your device. You can install this antivirus through www.avg.com./retail. This antivirus introduces many AVG products to give your device better security. It has a advanced feature of fast scanning, web cam protection, parental control, reliability, compatibility and firewall setting feature to safeguard your device from cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, and ransomware etc.

In this blog, you will learn how you can securely transfer your files to a new PC with the help of AVG antivirus.

Securely Transfer Your Files To a New PC:

  1. Don’t Forget Your Files: As Window has a tool that is Window Easy Transfer through which you can transfer all your files to a new PC. You can use External Drive also to collect files, user account, emails and settings from your old PC to a new PC.
  2. Save Your Bookmarks: On your Old PC you must have built a lot of browser bookmarks or favorites. It is advised you should take a backup of this entire bookmark and transfer it to new PC. For example: On Google Chrome, first sign into your Chrome browser of your old PC then upload your bookmarks to the cloud. Do it same on your new PC and download the bookmarks on your new PC.
  3. Clean Up Your Old PC: It is very important that you clean up your old PC before you transfer your stuff to a new PC. You can use AVG TuneUp’s Disk Cleaner by installing AVG antivirus in your device through www.avg.com/retail. This Disk Cleaner will remove the unwanted and junk files from your old PC and it will not transfer to your new PC.
  4. Find Hidden Files: If you keep your files and folder in order then also there are some hidden files in your PC which floats hidden or deep on your hard disk. Find those hidden files, and if it is unnecessary then delete it.
  5. Deactivate the Programs: On your Old PC, some programs are tied to your system from the time they have been installed on, you cannot be able to use this programs on your new PC without deactivate them on your old PC. For this, deactivate your old PC, by open up iTunes and then just press the “CTRL” key. This will open up the classic menu bar. Now you have to click on “Store” and then just select “Deauthorize this computer”.

With these tips you can securely transfer your files to a new PC. If you still have any issues, then you can call the customer care of AVG antivirus through avg.com/retail anytime.

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