In this digital era, the user must take care of their Smartphone as mobiles phones are the hacker’s first target. As users are remotely using mobiles phones, so it becomes very easy for the hackers to steal the valuable data and damage their devices. Hence, AVG team gives some tips to secure your Smartphone from unsecured apps and it can install via In this blog, you will read the method to secure your Smartphone from unsecured apps.

Method To Secure Your Smartphones from Unsecured Apps:

1. Keep All Your Apps Updated:

The best way to secure your smartphone is to make sure that the application which is installed in your device must be of the latest version. And you should also check that all the apps should be updated. You can also set up your phone to automatically update apps. If it is not automatically updated, then you should timely download and install the updates to your phone. But if you do not update your phone then it will leave your phone vulnerable to threat.

2. Always Install Apps from Official Sources:

 It is also very important that you download the apps from official sources. Every mobile device such as Android or Apple, has an official app store which provides security with an application when you purchase it. Cybersecurity experts warn the user from downloading and installing the applications from third-party as there are more chances of encountering malware attacks in their device through these apps. Before installing any app, the user can check the reviews online about the application. If in case, you read any suspicious thing about the app then don’t install it.

3. Be Attentive while Granting Permissions:

When you download an app, it will ask you to accept all the permissions but it is advised that you should not accept all the permission without reading it. App permissions are very important but some of the permissions you can ignore it. You should not blindly accept the app permissions as it can leave you vulnerable to threat, and allow apps to gain access to your device’s camera, microphone, contact list etc. If the Apple users wants to make changes to granted permission, then they can go to the device’s settings, and hit on Privacy and then make changes to previously granted permissions.

4. Practice Good Password:

It is very necessary that you keep your password secure. There are so many ways which helps you to create strong passwords. You should download the password management app. It helps you to generate unique and high-strength passwords. You can store all your online passwords in it and just you have to remember one master password of this password management app. It is advised to avoid using the same password for every account on the internet. Because if one password is compromised, then all your accounts will be hacked. And you should change your passwords regularly. For better security, you can use Two-factor identification which will keep your accounts secure.

5. Be Alert when using Public Wi-Fi:

It is suggested that you should be alert when using free public Wi-Fi connection and you should be aware of the risks behind using this. When you use public Wi-Fi, it is possible that you are connecting to a hacker’s laptop, which grants them full access to all of your network traffic and also allow hackers to steal your data and passwords. So, you should use VPN or virtual private network which will hide your IP address and mask your location.

The above ways helps to secure your Smartphones from unsecured apps. If the user need more details, then visit AVG via