AVG antivirus is the best and trusted software which secures your data online. You can install this software in your gadgets through avg.com/retail. Nowadays, people are using social network platforms on a large scale. So, virus can enter in your device through any medium. Hence, it is very necessary that you install security software in your device which scans your device timely to protect it from malware and viruses. This software protects your identity online. In this blog you will read how to secure your data on social network.

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1. Don’t Share Information on Social Networking Platforms:

It is advised that you should not share too much personal information on your social network as it can be dangerous. Because many hackers guessed passwords through trial-and-error methods, so here they can use your common information which you might have posted in your social media profile like children’s names, address, and other details etc. To crack your passwords, they can use this information so always be aware.

2. Customize your Social Networking Privacy Settings:

You should customize your privacy settings in Social networks. Like on Facebook, you can choose the people who can see the content which you post and also who can see the information on your profile, like your birth date, and hometown etc. It is advised that you should choose the highest level of privacy for the security of your personal data so that it does not go into the wrong hands. As it is fun to share information on social media platforms but there are identity thieves who always wanted to steal your identity.

3. Block Suspicious Users on Facebook:

When you make friends on Facebook, if you don’t know them personally and they are trying to be friendly with you and ask you personal questions or sometimes pressure you to meet them offline, in this situation you should block them.  ‘Block List’ feature is provided in your privacy settings. In case, you block people, then they cannot be able to interact with you on Facebook. Blocked person cannot message you, contact you, or cannot see you that you’re online.

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4. Protect your Tweets:

In case, you’re using Twitter just to promote your business, then your Tweets should be publicly available. But, if you are using Twitter for personal communications, then you should set your Tweets to private, this means only your approved followers can view your content.

5. Check your Privacy Settings Regularly:

You should check the privacy setting regularly because Privacy options are always changing on social networking. After checking the settings,  you should make adjustments as required.

6. Don’t Accept Random Friend Request:

It is advised that you should not accept any random friend request on Social media profile. Because small fun can create a big problem for you in future. But that does not mean all people are the same. But be aware of selecting friends on social media. You should use your personal profile for the real friends only.

The above are some of the tips which helps to secure your data on Social Network. If you want more details, then you can visit to the site of AVG via avg.com/retail.

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