If you want AVG antivirus to install properly on your device, then you should follow the below steps. And for easy installation, you should visit to AVG official site via www.avg.com/activate.

Prepare Your Computer For Installing AVG Antivirus:

  1. First of all, you should check your device must meet the minimum system requirement for installing AVG, so that you can run AVG without any problem or slowdown issues.
  2. You should keep your Operating system up to date, and if any updates are available then you should install them immediately. To check updates, you should go to Microsoft window Update page.
  3. If in case, the user is running some other antivirus software like firewall, anti-spyware or anti-malware application. Then, you should make sure to uninstall it before you install AVG antivirus in your device. Because, if you use more than one security software in your device, then it will cause problems with the installation of AVG. This will slow down your computer system.
  4. Before installing AVG, you should restart your computer system. As this will make sure, your device is not running unnecessary applications in the background.
  5. Keep in mind for Installing AVG antivirus; you need a full access to the system. Hence, you should ensure you logged into Windows as an Administrator.
  6. If you are reinstalling AVG antivirus in your device or if you have purchased AVG antivirus from a retail store then you must have the installation CD, because it will be better if you download the latest installation file from AVG website.

For more details about AVG antivirus, tap on www.avg.com/activation.