AVG antivirus is the popular software which enhances the performance of your device but consumes very less space. The user can easily download and install AVG antivirus in their device through www.avg.com/retail. In this blog, you will read how to manage AVG License Number.

Show and Copy AVG License Number:

For this, first you should go to Start and then click on all programs and then choose AVG 2011 and after this click on User interface to run AVG. After this, you should double-click on the License component. Then, your AVG License Number will be visible in the middle of the screen in AVG. Now, you should click with your mouse on the AVG License Number and then from the context menu, you should select Copy license number option just to store the AVG License Number to the clipboard. At last, you should enter the number in the text field by clicking on CTRL + V key altogether or you can right-click in the text filed and then select Paste option.

Renew AVG License Remotely from Admin Console:

First, in the AVG remote admin user interface: just under AVG data center you should click on the license menu and then click on sub menu  “shared settings”. After this, you should right click on “shared settings” and then click on “change license number”. Now, you should enter your license key. Then in the AVG data center, you should right click on “stations” and then highlight “shared settings for stations” and then click on “synchronize settings”.

Change License Number on all AVG Clients:

If in case, the user wants to change the AVG License Number for all the computers in the network, then you should Run AVG Admin Console. Then in the left side, you should expand Licenses and then you have to click on Shared settings. After this, you should double-click on Shared settings in the Shared settings area. Now, you have to enter the new license number and then just press Enter key. Here, you have to right-click on Shared settings and then just click on Mandatory. Then, you have to Ask all stations for synchronization. For this, you should select all needed stations, then right-click one of the selected stations and then you have to click on Synchronize settings. You should restart the client stations after this change.

Always keep in mind for reactivating AVG in your network with new AVG License Number, you must enter the new AVG License Number in the AVG Admin Server. If you use an expired AVG License Number in Admin Server then it will limits the functionality of Remote Administration.

For reactivating the AVG Admin Server with the new AVG License Number, then you should run the AVG Admin Server Monitor. After this, you should click on Server Settings and then in the General tab, you should click on Change. The above method will help you to manage License Number in AVG. For assistance or support, the user can contact the technician of AVG Support team via www.avg.com/retail.