AVG antivirus is the robust security product which secures your device from latest threat. And you can easily manage scan setting in this, to protect your gadget from malware and viruses. The user can install this amazing security product through www.avg.com/retail. In this blog, you will read the manage custom scan setting in AVG antivirus.

Manage Custom Scan Settings in AVG Antivirus: Avg.com/retail

1. Name your Scan:

First, in the Scan section, you should provide a name and description for your scan. Keep in mind, this information will display in the list of scheduled scans so that you can easily recognize each scan.

2. Define Scan Areas:

In the Scan areas, you should use the drop-down menu just to select the data space which you want the scan. From here, you can choose any of the following scan areas:

Storage drives and removable media,  Auto-start programs and modules loaded in memory, Interactive selection, and Rootkits.

If you want to add another area to the list, you should click on Add option. But if you want to remove an area, then click on Delete option.

3. Specify File Types:

In File types, you can setup your scan to analyze all files in the defined area just by selecting Scan all files (slowest). Or you can setup your scan to only analyze files which are vulnerable to malware just by selecting one of the following options: Content (slow) and the Name extension (fast).

Remember, for new custom scans, by default Content is selected because it provides the balance between thoroughness and speed. As Scan all files is the thorough and the slowest option.

4. Scans – Other settings:

You can use the tabs which are on the left-side of the window just to manage different aspects of your scan.


The Sensitivity screen, you can set following settings the scan:

  1. Heuristics which enable AVG to detect the unknown malware through analyzing code for commands.
  2. Sensitivity will Test the whole files rather than only the parts which are affected by malicious code.
  3. PUP and suspicious files will Scan the unwanted applications which mistakenly downloaded with other programs.
  4. Links will follow links during scan which allow AVG to scan other files and this option is by default for new custom scans.


The Packers screen scans the compressed file types which you want AVG to unpack during the scan. These Scans will analyze files for malware if they are unpacked. To unpack a file is similar to extract a file from an archive.

Always keep in mind, Self-extracting archives, Droppers and NTFS streams are ticked by default for new custom scans. But if you tick All packers, then the scan will analyzes all archive files, and this will increase the scan duration.


The Actions screen will setup automatic responses to any threats which is detected by the scan. First, you should click on Automatically apply actions during scan. Then, you have to select a file type (Virus, PUP or Suspicious), and after this, select the action which you want the scan to apply: Fix automatically, Move to Quarantine, Repair, Delete, No action. At this point, you should restart to apply actions. Then, you should specify the action which you want to take if the scan detects a malicious or suspicious file like Try to remove only the packed file from the archive, Try to remove only the packed file from the archive, and Always remove the whole archive. At last, click on OK button.

For more information, you can go to the official site of AVG antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.

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