AVG antivirus is the popular software which secures your device from cyber attack like malware, viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing attacks etc. You can install this antivirus software through www.avg.com/retail. This antivirus scans the data of your internal storage device and also does not allow hackers to gain unnecessary access over your device. It monitors the network traffic and also creates a wall between the hacker and your device. It is compatible with all the devices and also provide user friendly interface. AVG Ultimate is consisting of AVG Tune Up and AVG Internet Security. In this blog, you will learn how you can install and activate AVG Ultimate Security.

Install AVG Ultimate Security:

First of all you have to download the installer for AVG Ultimate by clicking the button and then you have to save it in the proper location on your computer system. Now you have to right-click on the downloaded file and then just choose run as an administrator. It will ask for the User Account Control dialog for permissions, then just click on yes button and then continue. In the top-right hand side of the computer screen, just select the language, and then you have to click on Continue button. After this, you have to log in with your AVG account by just clicking on My Account. Now just enter the email address which you have used during your purchase and then type the password. If you have forgot, then just click on Forgot password. After this, you have to restart your computer system. See the AVG final subscription and then you have to activate on your computer system. The AVG Internet Security and AVG computer Tune Up features will downloaded and activated on your computer.

Activate AVG Ultimate Security:

Here you have to double-click the AVG icon which is on your desktop to open the AVG management console. Then you have to Enter Internet Security file. After this, just click on the Menu button which is in the top-right hand side of the computer screen, and then just select About. Now you have to Enter the subscription tab and then just Click on Log in button and then on the next screen, you have to type your email address and the password which you have created for your AVG account. Now click on Log in button. You can activate through another method also by Click on Enter license and then on the next screen, you have to type the activation code which you have received in your email and then just click on Enter license. Now AVG Ultimate will be activated on your device.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of AVG antivirus through www.avg.com/retail. For help, you can call the customer care executive any time.

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