Sometimes, users heard that their webcam has been hacked. But they don’t know what precaution they should take to improve their Webcam security. Hence, AVG team gives tips to improve your webcam security and this antivirus can install via In this blog, you will read the tips to improve your Webcam security.

Protection Tips For The Security Of your Webcam:

1. Check Your Software is Up-to-date:

It is advised that the user must keep their software up to date. As this will helps to patch vulnerabilities in your software and do not allow hackers to access your device. Updates also provide you advance features. So, you should not ignore the notification of updates and it is a very simple process.

2. Use Firewall Setting:

Firewall is basically a network security system and it monitors the sending and receiving network traffic. It acts as a wall of defense to your network and keep the bad guys out. Normally, your device comes with a firewall and this will protect your device from unauthorized access. It is advised you should always turn on your firewalls.

3. Secure your Wi-Fi:

Hackers can easily target your home wireless router in order to gain access to your network and devices. Through hacking your network, they can access your emails, social media or bank accounts and webcam. So, you should protect yourself by creating a strong and unique password which cannot be guessed easily for your router in Security Settings, and then you should select a type of encryption like WPA2.

4. Avoid Suspicious Links:

As you all know that hackers can easily gain control over your device and your webcam, if they succeed in installing malware in your device. Hence, it is suggested that the user should not click on suspicious links in emails which comes from unknown people. If in case, you click on the link then hackers can install malware and through malware, they can gain access to your devices.

5. Don’t chat with Strangers Online:

Hacker can chat with you online in order to get your personal information. They can trick you by installing malware which will compromises your webcam. It is suggested don’t share anything with strangers online which will  help them to gain access to your financial accounts an can also lead to identity theft. You should also avoid sharing your picture of yourself or your home with stranger.

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6. Cover or unplug your webcam:

For the security of your device and data, you should always cover your webcam. Always keep in mind, your camera has an indicator light but if it goes on and you are not using it then this is a clear sign that your webcam has been hacked. You should also unplug your webcam to avoid becoming the victim.

7. Use virtual private network (VPN):

It is highly recommended that you should use VPN, as this will increase your online privacy and anonymity. This will create a secure and private network from any internet connection you are accessing. If it is important to use public Wi-Fi, then you can use it with help of VPN as it mask your IP address.

8. Install AVG Security Software:

You should install AVG antivirus as this will protect you against webcam hacking and other internet threats. It protect you from emerging threats and blocks all the suspicious websites and emails. This software gives protection against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware, and other cyber threats.

The above method will help you to improve Webcam security. And for installing AVG, you can visit to the site via Www.Avg.Com/Retail.

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