It is very essential that you should get rid of unnecessary apps from your device because this will free up the space on your hard drive and also increase the speed of your PC. AVG team just wants its user to identify the apps which they do not need to keep on your PC. You can install this AVG security software through In this article, you came to know about bloatware, junkware and adware etc. which clutter your hardware.

 What is Included in Bloatware?

The programs and apps which you have not installed in your PC but it resides in your device like Toolbars, pre-installed trials etc.

  1. Preinstalled Trials: When you purchase computer, it comes with a few program trials which are preinstalled in the device by the manufacturer. But after the trial period expired and then these apps ask you for money. These trial apps are mostly Antivirus software, video playback apps, and office tools etc.
  2. Junkware : Mostly preinstalled programs serve you very little purpose or you can say it serves no purpose for you. These are basically “Solution centers”, updaters, etc. which you do not need or you have rarely use them. These apps run in the background.
  3. Adware and Toolbars: Adware nest themselves in your web browser or taskbar, and do not provide anything valuable rather than just show you popup advertisements which are just useless for you. And browser is also overtaken by too many toolbars.
  4. Dangerous Apps: There are also programs which have taken space on your PC and are a security risk for your device.
  5. Programs Which You Forgot and Never Use: There are some programs present in your hard disk which you don’t need. These programs have a great effect on your PC and also take space on your hard disk and main memory. These programs run in the background and slow down your device.

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How to Identify and Uninstall Programs You Don’t Need?

 1. Regular Uninstall:

For this, you should go to your Control Panel in Windows, and then click on Programs and then tap on Programs and Features. Here, you’ll see a list of installed programs in your device. Just go through that list, and if you do not need it then hit on Uninstall/Change button.

2. Uninstall New or Preinstalled Windows Apps:

 Windows has lot of preinstalled apps; some of these apps are useful like Photos, Mail, Calendar, Contacts and many of these preinstalled apps which you don’t want on your computer system. To uninstall these, you should click on the Start button, and just click on the little cog icon. After this, you should click on apps and just go through the list. You just have to click on Uninstall button, the app which you don’t need.

3. Uninstall Apps Which You Rarely Use:

You should uninstall the apps which you rarely use in your device. You can take help of AVG PC Tune Up software. It has Uninstall Manager which helps you to filter for large programs, recently installed programs, large programs, and other apps.

This method will help you to get rid of unnecessary apps in your PC. You can take assistance of the expert of AVG team through

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