AVG antivirus is the strongest antivirus which secures your devices like Window OS, Mac, Laptop, Computer and Android Phones etc against all internet threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, viruses and also against phishing attacks etc. You can install this antivirus through avg.com/retail. This antivirus quickly detects the threat and blocks it by giving you alert notification.

This AVG error 0xe001d012 occurs when there is a problem in installing AVG antivirus in your system. In this blog, you will learn how to fix this error code 0xe001d012.

Fix AVG Error Code 0xe001d012:

1. Download the AVG Remover tool:

For this, first you have to open the link: http://aa-download.avg.com/filedir/util/AVG_Remover.exe

Then you have to run the file downloaded after you click on the link. Now just follow the instructions which are on the screen. Again, just restart your computer system. Now, you have to reinstall AVG antivirus program on your computer system.

2. AVG uninstaller Repair Tool:

First you have to click on “Power” button and then just hit the “Start” button which is on the taskbar menu. After this, just press the “Shift” key on the keyboard, then the drop-down menu will appears and here you have to select the option “Restart”. Now you have to go to the option “Troubleshoot” -> “Advanced Options” ->”Startup Settings”. After this, you have to press the “Restart” button. Here you will see the list of option on the screen. After this, just press F5 and then you have to select the option “Safe Mode with Networking”. Now, your PC runs into the safe mode. In this mode, the third-party drivers, software and running programs will automatically get disable. Here you, just run the AVG uninstaller Repair tool. After this, just follow the instructions on the screen to remove the AVG Internet Security tool. Now just restart your PC and then install the software again.

3. Uninstall the AVG PC Tune-up tools:

First you have to run the AVG uninstaller tool and then just remove the previously installed AVG. You can also search the left-over AVG files in windows registry/ PC. If AVG files still exist, then you have to remove it from the operating system. Then just restart the OS of your computer. And install the program again. Now, you have to remove the system junks and just scan your PC for malware. Just update the device drivers and undo the changes which you have made in the system by using the “Windows System Restore”. After this, uninstall the AVG program and then reinstall the antivirus and run the “Windows System File Checker”. At last you have to install all the available Windows updates.

This solution will fix the error but if it is still there then you can call the customer care executive through www.avg.com/retail anytime.

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