AVG antivirus is the most popular and famous antivirus in the IT industry. The main role of this antivirus is to protect your internet connected device like laptops, Mac, Operating System, PC and Android Phones. You can install this antivirus via avg.com/retail.  This antivirus scans the data of your computer system, so that the performance of your PC increases. As it provides you the Web Shield Protection which gives you the fastest and safest internet browsing. This antivirus protects your computer from all kind of cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and ransomware etc. Those users who are concerned about the scan history. Their problem can be easily solved by the AVG antivirus. Their history can be deleted in simplest ways

To Delete The Scan History:

For this, you have to double click on the AVG icon to open it on your computer system. But if you did not find the icon, then go to the start by clicking on the Start option. Then in the menu option, go All Programs and find the icon in the drop down list which is visible on your computer screen. Now click on it so that it opens. From the top menu of the antivirus program click on History. Then in the History section, click on Scan Results. In this you can see the dates and results of scans. What you want to delete, you can choose it from here. Now, select a file. If you want to select more than one, then tap Ctrl key on your keyboard and choose the entries. When you have select, and then click on the Delete button to delete files. After this, click on Yes. Then you have to select Event History Logs from the menu to see the updated and scanned logs. Now, click on Empty list, to empty the list. After that, from the menu select history to finish deleting. But if you want to delete the History Vault, then select the click the side button to delete.

But if you are still facing any kind of problem in this deleting process then you can contact the customer care executives of AVG team via www.avg.com/retail. The customers can also call on their toll free number for support and assistance at any time and at any place. They are available for you 24 hours and 7 days a week. When you call them you don’t have to wait, they will pick your call immediately.