AVG antivirus is the robust security product which secures your device from external and internal threat. It can install and download via www.avg.com/retail. But sometimes user faces AVG Error, You are at Risk. So, in this blog you will read the solution of this AVG error, You are At Risk.

Method To Fix AVG Error “You are at Risk”:

1: Download and Run Repair Tool:

Keep in mind AVG antivirus provide a tool to control the mistakes of the user. For this, you need to download and run the tool in your device. Then, you have to open a web browser and then download the Repair Tool. You should store this instrument so that you can easy to get it. Now, you should move further to your computer, and just find the AVGMountPointRepair.exe and then double-click on it. After this, you should read and accept the software’s Usage Agreement. When you find the application is installed on your device, then just Restart your device. At this point, when computer starts you should run the AVG Repair tool on your device. At last, you should check if the application repairs your issue AVG Error Message:”You’re at Risk” or not. In case, you are still facing the issue then move to another step. For more details, navigate to avg.com/retail.

2: Download and Run the AVG Remove and Reinstall Tool:

Another tool of AVG which helps the user to eliminate the AVG in their devices and reinstall it to delete any file issue. For this, the user needs to download and execute AVG Remove and Reinstall Tool. First, you have to open the Internet Browser and then Download Reinstall Tool and the AVG Remove. Now, you have to save the document on the computer system, and through this you can easily get into the installation file. Now, you have to double-click in the computer on the NRnR icon. Then the User Account Control Administrator will appear on your screen which requests your consent to make adjustments on your device. And you have to hit on Yes button. Here, from the installer you have to read the license agreement and then click on Agree button. After this, you need to tap on the Remove and Reinstall button which is there in the installer. If it prompts for your consent, then click on Eliminate or Continue. When the removal is finished, then you have to Restart the computer. When computer turns on, you have to reinstall the AVG antivirus in your device.

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The above method helps to fix AVG Error i.e. You are at Risk. If the user need any kind of help, then they can visit to the site of AVG antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.