Today, Social Media has become the very important part of our daily life. You can share your life with the world with just few clicks. You can interact with friends, relatives, family members and business associates in a easier way. Not only this, you can also share event with the multiple recipients in few seconds. When you are sharing your information online, you should always remember that hackers can also take advantage of personal info. So, AVG team just wants its user to stay safe on Social Media in this Covid 19 period. You can install this useful security software in your device through

In this Coronavirus period, all the students, elders, businessmen’s, etc are interacting through the medium of social media like on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp etc. because everybody is quarantined as they don’t want to get infected with this disease. Hence, it is very necessary that you use social media properly as it can put you in danger also. In this blog, you will read how you can stay safe on social media in coronavirus period.

Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media in Covid-19 –

  • Do Not Fully Rely on Social Media For News:

It is very important that you should know everything. As experts are regularly posting updates about changes in the law, and life-saving tips on social media. But more important is that from where you get your current updates. Because too much misinformation floating around on social media. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, is not the accurate place from where you get your daily news. Hence, it is recommended that you should get your daily news from The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 portal, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and from your local government’s website.

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  • Look For Scams:

Today as everyone is stuck indoors, so this becomes the golden period for scammers. And everybody has less contact with their loved ones. So, hackers attack on the user through different ways like if your friend or co-worker asks for an odd request, immediately call them to make sure it’s really them, do not download files which you don’t recognize or if it seems weird, also check before you sign up for any “work from home” opportunities just to make it clear that that it is a legitimate job, and always use a strong and unique password for all your accounts.

  • Always Log Out:

In case, you are using a public computer, then you should always remember to log out and also log out of your private devices from time to time. Log out will helps you in such a way that other hackers won’t be able to see your social media profile and also use it to attack on your friends.

  • Use Privacy Setting:

It is advised that you should lock your profile so that unknown people cannot see your account. And also don’t make friends who you don’t know. If you feel someone is using your information then immediately block it.

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