Hackers use advance techniques to trap the Apple users, they mainly attack on the customer through phishing emails. So, it is very necessary that you can identify phishing scams. In this blog, you will read how to protect yourself from Apple ID phishing scams. For protection, you can install AVG antivirus in your device through www.avg.com/retail.

Spot an Apple ID Phishing Scam:

  1. Always remember that Apple did not select you randomly to win a car and never ask you to click on a link to claim your prize. If in case, you receive the message which creates a sense of urgency, then you should always proceed with caution.
  2. If in case, you get an email from Apple, then you should always check the sender’s email address. If you find an address other than Apple ID, then it might be possible it’s a scam.
  3. Keep in mind, that Apple does not use generic salutations like “Dear valued customer” or “Hello friend.” Apple will address you only by your real name which they have on their record.
  4.  If in case, you notice spelling mistakes or there are some awkward phrasing in an Apple email or text message. In this situation, always keep in mind that a genuine message from Apple will not have any spelling mistakes and written in standard American English language.
  5. Apple never use a shortening service for their links. They will redirect you to apple.com or the related web pages or also on the product pages. It is suggested that be careful before clicking on any links.
  6. Most importantly, Apple will not ask you to give your personal details like your social security number or credit card number. Hence, you should not respond to an email which asks you about this information.
  7. Remember, Apple will never send you unsolicited attachments in an emails.

Protect against Apple ID Phishing Scams: Avg.com/retail

  1. Educate Yourself: If you want to prevent yourself from an Apple ID phishing scam then you should educate yourself. You should have proper knowledge to identify the suspicious activities, manage your online accounts safely and you must know how to stop spam email. You should stay updated on Apple’s recommendations so that you can recognize and avoid phishing scams and also have the knowledge of the latest cybersecurity tips.
  2. Run AVG Antivirus Software: It is advised you must install AVG Antivirus software in your device as this will give you the alerts notification of phishing attempt so that you do not get trapped. This latest antivirus software will also warn you about any malicious links or infected attachments. These warning signs will protect you from any phishing scam’s.
  3. Don’t Click links or Open Attachments: It is suggested that you should not click on a malicious link or do not download a malicious attachment because this will install a virus in your computer. These malicious links can also send you fake website where your data can be stolen as these websites automatically download spyware in your device. So, you should only click on links from known and trustworthy contacts and also check the sender name.
  4. Use Strong Passwords: You should always use strong and unique passwords and keep updating them to avoid phishing scams or damage to your device. You must use two-factor authentication for sensitive accounts. You should use a password which is easy to guess and for creating a password you can take help of password manager.

For more information about protection of your device, just visit to the site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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