AVG antivirus is the well known antivirus software in the market. It keeps your gadget completely protected from virus, Trojans, malware, and from other kind of threats. You can install this antivirus software through avg.com/retail. It provides you the feature of Boot-Time Scan which will help you, when you have a doubt that your PC is infected with some kind of malware or virus. If your device is taking some time to perform then you should do a complete scan of your PC. You can run this scan as per your requirement. This antivirus detects and blocks the threat before it harms your device. It creates wall between the threat and your gadget. It monitors the network traffic and also provides web shield protection so that you can safely surf on the web. It also gives amazing features like parental control and web cam protection.

Run AVG Antivirus During System Boot’s Up:

When your system boots up and you want to scan your PC then you should set up a schedule for Boot-Time scan. Through this way, you can scan your system and AVG can also run easily during system’s boot up. For this, first you have to start your device and then from the drop-down menu in the AVG Internet Security, you have to click on Option. After this, you have to select Advanced Settings. Now, you have to click on Plus Sign which is available on the front of schedules on the left sidebar to extend all options. Here you will see the list and then you have to select ‘Schedule Scan’ which helps to set a time to run AVG automatically scan your system. Then, you have to ‘Turn on’ the scheduled scanning just by clicking on the ‘Enabling this task’ which is located next to the checkbox. Now, you have to go under the ‘Scheduled’ section and then you have to click on the ‘Run on the Startup’ option. Here you have to select the ‘Minute delay’ Zero and after this, just click on ‘apply ‘option. Now, the AVG Antivirus will be able to scan every-time whenever you turn on the system.

This process will help to maintain the working of the AVG antivirus software during system boot up. But if you are still facing any kind of issues then you can contact to the customer care executive of AVG antivirus anytime from anywhere. For details, you can go to its website through www.avg.com/retail.